Brookalike: Young footballer becomes internet star thanks to silky skills and striking resemblance to Brooklyn Beckham

A young footballer has become an internet star thanks to his STRIKING resemblance to Brooklyn Beckham… and he may even be better at footy.

Noah Shaw

Noah Shaw

Talented youngster Noah Shaw, 14, has been turning heads online thanks to his incredible likeness to David and Victoria Beckham’s eldest child.

But the BROOKALIKE is also remarkably good at football, posting a number of Instagram videos of his various trick shots.

Noah can be seen performing keepie uppies, the ‘around the world’ trick and even pinging a Beckham-esque long-range shot through a basketball hoop.

When not playing football or skateboarding, Noah, who lives in American Fort, Utah, USA, is routinely stopped in the street because of his likeness to Brooklyn, 16.

The Brooklyn lookalike shows off his football skills

The Brooklyn lookalike shows off his football skills

He said: “I’ve been stopped at school and out in public – at some places, girls have stopped to take pictures with me, which I think is really funny.”

Noah’s mum, Ashley, 35, revealed the comparisons between Noah and Brooklyn began about a year ago.

His family received a picture of Brooklyn from an aunt, to which Ashley replied: “That’s a nice picture of Noah. When did you take it?”

The aunt burst out laughing, before explaining that the shot was a picture of David and Victoria’s son.

Since that moment, comparisons between the two – despite their two-year age gap – have been become ever more frequent.

Noah Shaw

Noah Shaw compared to Brooklyn (R) 

By jokingly writing ‘Doppelganger for Brooklyn Beckham’ in his Instagram bio, Noah has gained thousands of followers in return.

Ashley added: “It’s been incredible to watch – I do monitor his Instagram because he is still so young.

“What people have to understand is that Noah is truly being himself and loves the things he does regardless of them being what Brooklyn likes and does.

“And I’m grateful that Brooklyn comes from such a great family.

“We have always admired the Beckham family – I can tell how much the parents love and adore their children, which is how we feel about our children and we love that.”

Noah routinely gets stopped on the streets

Noah routinely gets stopped on the streets

Most of the comments on Noah’s posts are positive, with some of his fans including Brooklyn in their post, hoping the two could one day meet.

Noah – who lives with mum Ashley, dad Jason, 45 and siblings Isabelle, 12, Sophia, 5, and JJ, 4 – admitted if the two were to meet, he would like to play football with Brooklyn or perhaps go skateboarding together.

When he is older, Noah would like to become a professional football player – like David Beckham, whose jersey he asked for as a Christmas present aged 11.

The fourteen-year-old plays either sweeper or on the left wing for his local team, and supports Barcelona.


He has also been approached about following in Victoria’s footsteps and pursuing a modelling career.

Noah said: “I didn’t think that this would be as huge as it is – I’m super grateful and love everyone who supports me.

“For the most part, people have been pretty positive and I even have several fan pages, which is kind of them to put in the time and effort.

“It’s great because they support me on my dream, which is to someday be a professional soccer player.

“Of course, I am being noticed for being myself – but looking like Brooklyn Beckham can’t hurt.”