Broken bride! Bride breaks her ankle on hen do just weeks before her big day – and the horrifying moment was captured on camera

A bride was left hobbling down the aisle to meet her fiance – after she broke her ankle on her hen do just five weeks before her big day.

Kim Hutchinson, 38, from Hereford, was dancing the night away on her hen do in Liverpool when an over-excited stranger jumped on her back and knocked her to the floor.

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The fall, recorded by Kim’s friend, caused her ankle to snap and she was told she would need to wear a cast for six weeks at the Royal Liverpool hospital, just five weeks before she was due to marry partner, Iain Hutchison, 34.

She hobbled down the aisle with an ankle brace under her white dress – and was forced to use a stair lift at the venue to make her elegant entrance on her wedding day.

The pair even had to swap their romantic honeymoon in Italy for a week in Wales, after doctors told Kim she couldn’t fly.

New husband Iain even resorted to picking her up and carrying her across the dance floor – as she struggled to hobble along to their first dance.

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Kim, a healthcare assistant, said: “We were all dancing away, having so much fun, and then a random girl jumped on my back and we fell down.

“I think she was just having fun and messing around and at first I thought it was one of my friends, next thing I know I felt something snap in my ankle.

“My friends rushed round to ask me if I was okay, they said my face went a green colour, and they rushed me in a taxi to the nearest hospital.

“I have always worked in hospitals, so as soon as I saw the x-ray I knew it was bad. It was a clean fracture but a bad area to have a break.

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Kim, who has been off work since her accident, with the couple’s three-year-old daughter, Sophie, was determined that her wedding would go ahead and with the help of her best friend, Tracey, who became her personal shopper and chauffeur, the big day took place on March 10.

Kim said: “We had a few elderly guests attending the wedding so we had already noticed that the stairlift at the venue would be a good idea, I didn’t think it would be me using it though.

“I had a hospital appointment the day before the wedding and we tried to use an air cast so I could wear a shoe but my foot was just too swollen and I had to wear an ankle brace.

“I had bought the most amazing pair of shoes which I wasn’t able to wear but I did have a sparkly pair of trainers that I had bought to wear on the evening and decided they would be a safe bet.”

Husband, Iain, who works in IT, said: “These things happen and we definitely made the best of the day.

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“She still looked amazing regardless.”

Kim used the lift to get to the first floor of the Hereford Town Hall and later used the lift at the reception, held at the Hereford Rowing Club before being picked up by her groom throughout most of the couple’s first dance.

The pair are now celebrating their honeymoon in Wales after their original plan to fly to Italy was postponed due to Kim’s broken ankle but she hopes she to back up on her feet very soon.

Clara Lou Photography / Caters News

Kim said: “I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of friends and family, and Sophie has been really good She tells everyone to be careful of Mummy’s foot.

“Everyone knows what I’m like and it’s made a good story.”