Bride-to-be drops UK life to marry Facebook fiancé she has never met

A bride-to-be is moving 3,200 miles to meet her Facebook lover for the first time – and is set to MARRY him on the same day.

Evangelina Tsadiosou, 39 talking to Darryl over the internet

Evangelina Tsadiosou, 39 talking to Darryl over the internet

Evangelina Tsadiosou, 40, from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, will travel half way around the world to meet the man of her dreams – before tying the knot in the airport.

The singer songwriter began an online relationship with Darryl Fancey, 38, from Guelph , Ontario, nine months ago, before he popped the question on Facebook eight-months later on December 8.

The happy couple will say ‘I do’ just minutes after laying eyes on each other for the first time.

Even though Evangelina and Darrly speak every day, they have never seen more than a photograph of each other.

And are now counting down the seconds until they can finally call each other husband and wife.

Evangelina, a former teacher said: “After adding me on Facebook last year, mine and Darryl’s relationship has gone from strength to strength.

“We’ve both realised we aren’t getting any younger so we’re taking a leap of faith and can’t wait to start the next chapter of our lives together.

“I know some people must think we are crazy as I’ve never seen him on video chat or in person, but I know in my heart he’s the man for me.

Darryl Fancey, 38

Darryl Fancey, 38

“We speak every day either on the phone or on email and we know everything about each other.

“I was shocked when I first read the Facebook message from Darryl asking me to marry him, but I knew in my gut it would be the best thing I ever did so I accepted immediately.

“I’ve brought my outfit to travel in now, which includes a top saying ‘wifey,’ and I have my wedding outfit too which will hopefully sum up our big day – fun and quirky.

“I’ve pretty much sold all my belongings now as well, to help pay for the plane tickets, if I can’t fit in my case then I’m not taking it.

“The plan is for me to travel to meet Darryl at the airport and then go straight to get married, we just don’t want to wait any longer.

“I’m just need to get my dog, Cleo, a doggy passport before booking our one way ticket to Canada.”

After her last long term relationship HOW LONG AGO? , Evangelina had never found love again, until she met Darryl.

The pair have many common interests including body building, which lead them to having mutual friends on social media.

Evangelina Tsadiosou, 39 with her dog Cleo

Evangelina Tsadiosou, 39 with her dog Cleo

After chatting as friends for five-months, the couple began an online relationship in September.

Evangelina said: “I’ve never felt this way about anyone, I trust and love Darryl so much.

“We have told each other everything there is to know about each other and he honestly is the most honest, supportive and down to earth man I’ve ever met.

“I’m due to start recording my album in March and Darryl is helping me, he sees it as our project, not just mine which is really sweet.

“He’s brought a new house this week too and I can’t wait to move in with him.

“When Darryl mentioned moving to Canada there was nothing stopping me, so when he proposed as well I thought why not, it really was the icing on the cake.”

Darryl’s mother and daughter Alyssa, 10, will both attend the wedding later this month.

Evangelina said: “I chat to Darryl’s mum a lot and I’ve spoken to Alyssa, I really can’t wait to meet them both.

“Darryl is a great father and role model and in time I hope I will be to Alyssa as well.

Evangelina Tsadiosou, 39 talking to Darryl over the internet

Evangelina Tsadiosou, 39 talking to Darryl over the internet

“We will hopefully get married on Valentine’s Day, but if not Darryl’s birthday is just a week later so either way it will be romantic.

“Both Cleo my dog and Alyssa will be bridesmaids for us, we can’t wait to make it official now.

“My friends and family have been really supportive and I can’t wait for them to come and visit us.”

Despite those closest to the happy couple being excited, not everyone has been so accepting of their relationship.

Evangelina said: “Of course not everyone has been receptive towards our relationship, we’ve had some horrible comments.

“The negatives have only made us stronger as a couple though, instead of turning us against each other, it’s only made us even more inseparable.

“We don’t care what people think, we both make each other happy and we can’t wait to prove everyone wrong.

Their Facebook conversations

Their Facebook conversations

“I know it’s a big step meeting Darryl for the first time and getting married on the same day – but sometimes you just have to follow your heart.”