Bride and daughter’s secret pregnancy reveal during wedding reception after walking down the aisle with ‘two hearts beating with love’ 

A bride and her daughter staged an incredible secret pregnancy reveal after she walked down the aisle with ‘two hearts beating with love’.

As Clay Dirickson, 28, from Tuttle, Oklahoma, USA, sat watching his wife Erica, 34, onscreen he had no idea the announcement would change their lives forever.


Two weeks before her Big Day, the wife-to-be discovered she was pregnant and deciding to keep it hidden from her partner, Erica and daughter Alexa, began hatching a plan.

They decided to record a video revealing the new arrival that would be screened at the wedding in front of all ‘the people we love and love us.’

With his mouth agape in shock and joy, the hapless husband froze before laughing and beaming, utterly speechless by the revelation. 

As the couple kiss and embrace to the applause of family and friends, adorable Alexa, now eight, wells up with joyful tears in the background.

Clay, who researches oil and gas minerals, said: “When I was watching the video I had no clue, it was only when she said about ‘two heart beating’ and I flipped.


“I had no words, I got up and wanted to scream some inappropriate words from pure excitement. 

“I’m so excited to be a father, I can’t describe it even now.

“I was surprised they were both able to keep it a secret, but I was more surprised at Erica.

“She hid morning sickness from me and one day we went to the gym after she threw up that morning.

“Alexa is my step-daughter and I didn’t really know how badly I wanted to be a father until I started helping around the house with her.


“She is a very unique little girl to say the least, I’ve never met a girl like her.

“When I came over she offered me a glass of water to make me at home, her incentive is to make other people happy.”

Erica and Clay had spoken about having children soon after tying the knot, but the mum was surprised to discover she pregnant so quickly and before their nuptials.

She started working on a plan to reveal that she was expecting one her wedding day, only entrusting little Alexa with the secret. 

The pair of them spent an evening recording the video to announce the news.

Erica, a purchasing specialist, said: “When I expected something, I got a test to make sure and a baby was there.

“I didn’t tell anyone except for my daughter, I knew I had something special and could do something special with it.


“The video took a few takes to make because I was getting frustrated and often Alexa was calming me down.

“I kept getting worked up and in my head, but Alexa would say ‘No mom, he will be so excited. We can’t not do it,’ and that calmed me down.

“The reaction we received exceeded my wildest expectations, everyone was very excited. I’m so glad I didn’t chicken out.”

Erica decided to incorporate her daughter into the surprise, after Alexa had helped Clay to plan a secret engagement proposal during their Christmas family photo last year.

She said: “Alexa was aware of it first, he asked her for permission and she kept the secret from me.

“So then for the pregnancy she returned the favour and kept my secret about knowing about her little brother or sister before the wedding.”


By the time the pair got married in July this year, Erica was six weeks pregnant and miraculously had been able to hide her morning sickness from her future husband.

She believes the secrecy was worth it after seeing Clay’s overjoy reaction and that of all the wedding guests.

Erica said: “He had zero clue. He managed to stay out of my hair for the couple of weeks before the wedding so never saw the morning sickness I was experiencing.

“So when we got to the wedding he had no idea and for a second was so shocked he didn’t know how to react.

“It was only when I showed him the pregnancy stick in the video that he realised what was going on.

“It was a shock, even my mother had no idea and ran over to the table to tackle hug me.

“It all made the moment even cuter because literally no one knew apart from myself and Alexa.


“I still cry when I watch it, my daughter still cries too, it was a moment we will never forget and will all cherish for the rest of our lives.”

After Alexa had successfully helped them to keep surprised a secret, the parents-to-be had a little shock of their own in store for her.

At their ultrasound scan, Alexa had missed the technician flash onscreen that they will be having a daughter.

The eight-year-old who was hoping for a little sister and was overjoyed to find out there were ‘tears all over.’

Now Erica is 25 weeks pregnant and the family expect the new arrival to be born on February 25. 

Erica said: “My daughter wanted to find out whether we would be having a boy or a girl

“The ultrasound technician typed that it was a girl really quickly and our daughter didn’t see it.

“So when we realised she didn’t catch the gender we got a cute video revealing that.”