Brave mums celebrate their bodies with beachside naked breastfeeding session

THESE brave mums celebrated their post pregnancy bodies with a beachside naked breastfeeding session.

The 14 women and their babies all ventured to Kawana Beach on the Sunshine Coast of Australia for the inspiring shoot. / CATERS NEWS / CATERS NEWS

The remarkable images were captured by photographer Trina Cary who said the group was a mixture of her friends and strangers.

Trina, 25, said her goal with the pictures is to “spread more love” with “less judgement” on women’s bodies. / CATERS NEWS / CATERS NEWS

She said: “I was absolutely ecstatic to see these mothers breastfeeding and not just newborns, there were a variety of ages, a couple 18 months and above.

“If I can help women learn to love their stretch marks, extra skin, lumps and bumps I will.

“We are all beautiful in our own way and we need to stop comparing ourselves to one another. We are all unique and that’s okay. / CATERS NEWS

“What’s important is that we support and encourage each other to see the beauty inside ourselves.”

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