Boy forced to sell toys to fund service dog’s treatment, gets helping hand from the internet

A little boy forced to sell his toys to pay for his service dog’s treatment received a huge boost when the internet helped him raise thousands of dollars.

To 10-year-old Connor Jayne, his dog, Copper, a four-year-old Doberman, is more than man’s best friend – he is his an essential emotional support animal, too.

Pic from Jennifer Jayne / Caters News

So, when he found out Copper was struggling to walk from a suspected spinal disease, Wobbler syndrome, Connor was determined to help find the funds for the pricey MRI scan his single mother would have to pay for.

He and mum Jennifer Jayne held a yard sale at his home in Fairport, New York, selling the likes of his Nerf guns, toy cars, and a number of games.

But when his appeal went viral, by yesterday [Thurs] his fund had raised more than $17,000 USD (£13,000), more than six times the $2,800 USD (£2,100) single mum Jennifer had initially requested.

Jennifer, 36, said: “He is my son and he wanted to do something to help his best friend.

“He’s very selfless and always thinks of others.”

Connor has been diagnosed with anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, P.T.S.D., and chronic headache disorder and he also had nocturnal seizures in the past.

Two years ago, when he was eight and undiagnosed with these conditions, Copper began barking at the youngster’s door, where Jennifer then witnessed and filmed her son have a seizure, allowing the doctors to diagnose him.

Today, Copper is able to sense when the youngster is having an anxiety attack and brushes up against him to calm him down – though the dog’s current condition means he cannot assist Connor.

Following the yard sale and Connor’s selfless act, the family’s GoFundMe page received a surge in donations, as well as number of positive comments on their Facebook group, Copper’s Road To Recovery.

On this page, fans can follow Copper’s journey to his MRI and beyond, with vets set to work out a treatment plan and timeline for the pooch.

Any excess money from the surge in interest will be used to help other animals and families in similar situations.

Connor’s PTSD was caused by heavy bullying, Jennifer said, and so she hopes this story – and the internet’s response – can show that there is “good in humanity and that one person, even a child, can make a difference.”

She added: “They are best friends and partners.

“They help each other in the truest and most honest way you can.

“Both are selfless in their pursuit to make the other feel better.”