Booty-ful! Ex-Versace model spent $550k to become Kim Kardashian stops ops after six pints injected into butt

A former-Versace model who spent over half a million dollars to become Kim Kardashian has retired from surgery after having six pints of fat injected into her butt.

Jennifer Pamplona, 26, defied the five surgeons who refused to operate on her and risked her life for a final operation to enhance her ever-bulging butt.

She shot to fame three-years-ago, after going under the knife for nine surgeries in 24-hours and since then has altered nearly every part of her body.

Mirroring the look of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star and her infamous curves, has cost Jennifer a staggering $550,000 (430kGBP).  

PICS BY JENNIFER PAMPLONA / CATERS NEWS (Here Jennifer signs life insurance, after fearing for her life following surgery)

Two-months-ago, she went under the knife with Dr Bulent Cihantimur, in Turkey, to expand her already-oversized derriere for an eighth time, using 2lb fat taken via liposuction.

She also had two additional ribs removed and a Buccal fat removal, to give her a more youthful look by enhancing the cheekbones.

Her heavily altered frame sees her balance a 34D bust on her 21inch waist, supersized six-pint rump, alongside her hips having a colossal circumference of 39 inches.


Jennifer, who lives between Hollywood, California and Dubai, UAE, said: “Every girl wants to be a sexy Kardashian and from there I became very obsessed with Kim.

“I wanted to look like her and as the world began to see how much I looked like Kim Kardashian-West, I would have more and more surgeries.

“Every time I had a new surgery I would feel happy, beautiful and recognised – that feeling of being famous.

“After all the surgeries I have done, wherever I go people want to take a picture with my because they think I look like Kim.

“Others tell me I am very beautiful. I got what I wanted, I wanted to be famous and that’s what my surgeries have given me.

“I feel that I look like a Kardashian now, my butt is very big right now and wherever I go everyone wants a picture with me.

“I love the Kardashian, they show us that if you want something you should just do it. 

“But now I won’t have any more surgeries, I’m happy with how I look and don’t want to destroy myself with surgery.”


Since starting her transformation three-years-ago, Jennifer had over 30 surgeries and procedures – from removing eight ribs to rhinoplasties, boob jobs, liposuction, veneers, fillers and more.

While going under the knife recently, she had butt implants removed that she claims caused bad circulation and could have risked killing her.

Jennifer said: “The implants can be so dangerous if there is a leak and also there is risk of infection.

“No doctor wanted to perform surgery on my butt, five of them refused, they warned I could die or suffer a dangerous infection.”

Jennifer switched her implants for a further fat transfer, having 2lb (1kg) taken from her stomach and back to put into her behind.

She also had two ribs removed and Buccal fat removal.


The recovery of which took a month where she was left in ‘agony’ and led her to decide not to have any more surgeries.

Jennifer said: “When I woke up after surgery this time I felt so cold and very sick, it was like my body was finally asking me to stop.

“Having ribs removed and liposuction to put the fat in my butt was the hardest thing ever, now I don’t want any more surgeries.

“I couldn’t sit for a month and struggled to sleep because of all the strong pain in my butt.”

Jennifer has taken out a $300,000 (230kGBP) life insurance policy out to now protect her body after having so many surgeries performed.

After stepping out of the surgery spotlight, she hopes to launch her career in music releasing track ‘Feeling High’ 

In addition to having a documentary about her life entitled ‘My Addiction for Plastic Surgery’ due to be released next year.


She said: “I suffered so badly all this time that I made music and I’m writing a documentary about my life where I will talk about my addiction to plastic surgery, state of mind and everything. 

“I’m focussing on my professional life like my music that I recorded with one of Justin Timberlake’s producers Alexey Voronov in Hollywood and Akon.”

Growing-up in Sao Paolo, Brazil, she dreamed of altering her petite frame from childhood after being bullied for lacking curves.

But at 22, while working as a Versace model, she was offered nine surgeries in 24 hours for a TV Show, after her boyfriend Celso Santebanes died from Leukaemia.

She says it was the dream and dying wish of her deceased partner – who was known as the ‘Human Ken Doll’ – for her to undergo surgery to become just like him. 

Jennifer said: “I realise after a long time that my plastic surgery was an addiction. 

“I had a deep depression after my boyfriend Celso passed away, which is why I had so much surgery.


“I suffered a lot of bullying growing up and I couldn’t accept myself, but now turning 26 I finally feel very good in my skin.

“Right now, you could bully me or say whatever you want, and I wouldn’t care because I’m so confident in myself.

“I’m so proud of everything, surgery made me who I am. It’s been hard, but I look young and beautiful.”


8 x butt surgeries – including fat injected into each butt cheek, implants and their removal

2 x surgeries to remove eight ribs removed

2 x Breast implants 

2 x Rhinoplasty 

2 x Liposuction 

Cheek fillers

Lips fillers 


Fat injection to thighs

Cheek fillers removed

Face lift

Face Buccal lift