Bird follows rescuer from France all the way across Spain

When Johann Camboulive from France rescued a cute baby dove, he thought she would fly away once she’d recovered.

However, the pair formed an unlikely bond and became best pals – spending two years together.

And even though Johann made sure she was free to fly away at any time, Gaia stuck by her buddy’s side and followed him wherever he went.

She even travelled with him across the length and breadth of Spain.

Leaving from Barcelona and making their way to Tarifa, Gaia travelled with Johann initially for a month and a half, keeping him company through the  whole journey.

Johann, 30, said: “She was my best friend, part of the family.

“I rescued her in France when she was just a baby, and took care of her like she was my own child and watched her grow. I kind of felt like a proud daddy.”

The first time Gaia flew, Johann, a web developer, was nervous that she would leave but she came back and that’s when he realised she’d make the ideal travel partner.

PIC FROM Caters News

And when he took her to Spain, he made sure she was safe and introduced her to the people he met along the way.

He said: “I would always try to keep her in sight as she liked exploring but she was super social with everyone we met.

“I’d never seen a bird like her before.”

Despite their incredible journey, on returning to France, Gaia decided that the time was right for her to leave Johann’s nest and make one of her own – after two years together,

He said: “When she left I was really sad; she’d been with me for more than two years.

“But I like to think that she’s found a male dove and that they’ve now got a family.

“I’ll always remember her and it was great to have that special bond with a bird; it was truly powerful.”