Giggidy! BGT star left double of Family Guy’s quagmire after dental op made his face swell !


A Britain’s Got Talent star was left the double of sex-crazed Family Guy character Quagmire – after a dental op made his face swell up.

Lee Seddon, owner and manager of Stormtrooper dance act Boogie Storm, noticed the uncanny resemblance when his cheeks and jaw puffed up following surgery to remove two wisdom teeth.

The 38-year-old BGT finalist said friends found his unfortunate new likeness to the Griffin family’s perverted neighbour Glenn Quagmire hilarious.

And Liverpudlian Lee, who also works full time as a firefighter, admitted the chuckles were worth having two teeth pulled out for – but unfortunately now can’t fit a fire service breathing mask on his swollen face.

Lee said: “The last few weeks I have been in absolute agony so I went to the dentist and they took out my two bottom wisdom teeth.


“I think the swelling was from the injections they gave me. Because the wisdom teeth were grown in it was tricky for them to get them out but they did an amazing job.

“People had already said I looked like Quagmire before, so I thought it would be really funny to show people I actually did look like Quagmire this time.

“I put the picture online to cheer people up on a Friday. I couldn’t resist putting it on Facebook – it was so funny. I watch the show, Quagmire is a funny character but not the best personality-wise.

“Everyone found it really funny and it made people smile. Most people were agreeing with the resemblance, they said they could see it.”


Lee took to the dentist’s chair on Thursday (January 12) to have two impacted lower back wisdom teeth which had been causing him pain for several weeks removed.

The 38-year-old believes his face swelled in response to the local anaesthetic injections he was given to numb his mouth as he was conscious during the procedure at the Apollonia dental and cosmetic centre in Liverpool.

Lee hit the headlines last year when he was unmasked as being behind mysterious Britain’s Got Talent Stormtrooper dance act Boogie Storm, who finished third in the show after Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer took them straight to the semi-finals.

And the 38-year-old is currently creating a new Boogie Storm live show which will tour holiday camps, universities and festivals.

Lee said: “I was awake for the operation but during it I wasn’t in pain, it just felt uncomfortable.

“The swelling is still there at the moment but it’s going down. I’ve had to sit with ice packs on my face.

“I can’t go into work for a short while now as being a firefighter I have to wear a breathing mask and I can’t wear it until the swelling goes down.

“But apart from that I’m fine and just glad the pain is finally gone.”

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