Beautiful blonde trapped indoors with extreme agoraphobia is finally cured by hypnotist in one hour

A beautiful blonde trapped indoors with extreme agoraphobia has finally been cured by a hypnotist in one hour.


Leah Dearing, 20, from Gravesend, Kent, was diagnosed with agoraphobia – an extreme fear of open or public places – just six weeks after giving birth last July.

Trapped indoors, Leah refused to leave the house for six months before realising she needed help to conquer her fears.

After getting in touch with The Hypnotist Man, Robert Hisee, she has finally been outdoors for the first time in almost a year.

Just five weeks ago, the pair met for the first time and Leah walked around her local shopping centre and she hasn’t looked back since.

Now able to step outdoors, Leah and daughter, Eliana, 11 months old, go to the park, swimming baths, and baby groups for the first time.

Leah Dearing with her daughter Eilana in the park

Leah Dearing with her daughter Eilana in the park

Leah said: “I started to feel really anxious just six weeks after giving birth, I felt as though I was struggling to breathe when outside and it got so bad that I couldn’t even cross a road.

“I began doing all my food shopping online even though I lived opposite a big supermarket,  I would rather pay the delivery charges than take one step outdoors.

“Doctors first thought I might have post-natal depression but I was later diagnosed with agoraphobia.

“I was desperate for help but it wasn’t under I came across The Hypnotist Man, Robert, online that I could see a way out.

Leah being hypnotised by Robert Hisse

Leah being hypnotised by Robert Hisse

“After six months of struggling I got in touch in February and on April 11 we met up and he cured my agoraphobia, within just one hour I was outside.

“It’s a miracle, I never imagined I would be walking down the street again, I had tried therapy once before but it failed to help.

“Robert talking through all my worries and fears, I felt like I had known him for years, I have no idea how it has worked but I’m really happy.

“I’m so thankful for everything he has done as without him, my daughter, Eliana, would still be missing out on fun activities because of my irrational fears, but now we can finally get on with our lives.”

Leah gave birth to Eliana last May and it is thought her traumatic birth triggered her anxiety that caused her to live indoors.


She added: “My birth was horrific, she was the wrong way around and I was in terrible pain for hours on end, it left me traumatised.

“And from that moment I was anxious but it progressed in six weeks to the point where I couldn’t even step out of my door.

“Before I fell pregnant I had been really outgoing and confident but now I can go outdoors again, I feel like the old me is returning.”

Five weeks ago, The Hypnotist Man, Robert, visited Leah’s home address and talked through her worries.

Leah Dearing with her daughter Eilana in the park

Leah Dearing with her daughter Eilana in the park

Robert added: “I met Leah and within just an hour is was walking down her local high street.

“I could tell straight away that she was extremely anxious about the thought of going outside, let alone even leaving her home.

“I am the creator of Unconscious Mind Therapy which is a form of hypnotherapy, and I used this to take her back to when her worries first began.

“By the end of our session, she was laughing about how silly her problems were, that’s when I knew she was ready to go outdoors.

“We visited two different places and for the first time in ten months she was out of her house and could start looking for baby clothes.

Leah being hypnotised by Robert Hisse

Leah being hypnotised by Robert Hisse

“When I rang her a few weeks later, she was telling me about how she’d gone for lunch and shopping with her daughter and friends.”

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