Beautiful baby girl so hairy it came up on her ultrasound!

Pic from Caters News

For some babies it can take months even years before their heads are graced with luscious locks, it took this girl just a few weeks in the womb.

Just like her Dad, adorable six-month-old Alexis Bartlett from Sydney, Australia has so much hair that her parents were in disbelief at her birth – even after seeing signs in an ULTRASOUND.

Alexis’s Dad, Adrian Bartlett, 32, said: “At first we were both shocked, it wasn’t just her scalp, she had a hairy forehead and hair all over her back-not to mention her hairy butt.

“The ultrasound even showed up that she was going to be hairy so that was a clear indication she was going to be taking after me in those stakes.

“I was born with hair and I’ve even put together two photos of us as hairy babies to show people where she’s inherited it from.

The irony of Alexis having plentiful hair could not be greater as Mum, Nicola Bartlett from London, also 32, cuts hair for a living.

In the Sydney sunshine, Alexis has been able to flaunt her beautiful brown hair when out with her family- earning her hordes of admirers.

Still only six-months-old, Alexis now has shoulder length hair, looking every bit the surfer Australia is famed for.

Adrian, who runs a fire extinguisher firm, said: “It’s funny that Nicola, being a hairdresser gave birth to such a hairy baby.

Pic from Caters News

“Our family love her to bits although her great-grandfather hates all the hair ties and hair clips but he will get over it.

“Strangers are always stopping us wherever we go to the extent that we couldn’t imagine having a bald baby.

“Shopping always takes a little longer and dinners out always get interrupted by everyone sitting nearby.

“I personally love her hair, I think it adds so much character.

Pic from Caters News

“As we live in Sydney and it’s currently summer, we are always taking Alexis outside swimming.

“Everyone said that it would fall out but six months on and it’s only getting longer in fact she might be due a haircut soon, I guess Nicola will have to check her diary for appointments.”