Be part of the pack! Travelling couple tick playing with wild wolves off bucket list for wedding anniversary

This travelling couple truly became part of the wolf pack when they spent time playing with the incredible wild animals – to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Tommy and Djamila Dawson, from the Netherlands, enjoyed a close encounter with the predators during a visit to Polar Park Arctic Wildlife Centre in Bardu, Norway.

Pic by @togethertheytravel/Caters News

The visit was an incredible first wedding anniversary celebration for Tommy, 29, from Boston, US, and Djamila, 28, who is originally from the Netherlands, after the couple got married in Las Vegas in 2017.

Djamila said: “It has always been a shared dream to visit Norway – our main reason being to visit the wolves at Polar Park.

“We saw a video about it online a couple of years ago and dreamed about what an amazing experience that must be, so we decided to go to Norway.

“To this day our wolf visit is still the most epic and powerful experience we’ve ever had.

Pic by @togethertheytravel/Caters News

“There’s just something so humbling about surrendering to these animals, having faith that everything will be alright.

“They were so gentle and loving, yet powerful and magnificent. There’s really no words actually to fully describe this experience. We will forever carry this in our hearts.”

The twosome have a travelling and lifestyle blog called Together They Travel – checking places like America, France, Maine and Norway off their list already and still hoping to visit destinations like the Galapagos Islands, Alaska and Svalbard.

Pic by @togethertheytravel/Caters News

Tommy added: “My favourite picture is the one of Djamila and Brage, the leading male of the group, nose to nose – it perfectly captures how peaceful and respectful this experience between two completely different species was.”