Barking Mad Woman Adopts 22 Rescue Dogs To Live At Her Home – And She Spends £400 On Food Per Month Alone

A dog-lover now owns 22 pooches after adopting them from across the UK to live at her home.

Becky Shuttleworth, 33, a dog trainer for a local rescue centre, she has ended up with 22 pooches at her home in Rochford, Essex, after she was just unable to part with every pooch she trained.

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The dogs, which range from a Jack Russels to a Dogue de Bordeaux, have settled in well to their new home – with the latest recruit being adopted December 2018.

Becky now spends between £300 to £400 per month on her dogs, with 22 dog bowls to feed them all.

But despite the daily chaos of living with almost two dozen dogs, Becky says she wouldn’t change it for the world.

She said: “I initially planned on just have one or two dogs myself before I became a trainer and began working alongside a rescue centre in Scotland who send dogs from all over the UK, that need training before being rehomed.

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“It takes a lot of time for a dog to trust you – it can often take six to twelve months to achieve.

“By the time the dogs were trained up, I’d already fallen in love with them and couldn’t bring myself to let them go – which is why I’ve ended up with so many!”

Becky, who is a dog trainer, walker and groomer, has even adopted some of her dogs from a charity in Romania.

She added: “Some of these dogs have been really abused – Brian and Chelsea in particular can’t even wear a lead because of the extent of the abuse they’ve previously had, they were too traumatised to be rehomed.

“It was my job to help them develop trust with humans again so they could be rehomed but I ended up being unable to let them go.

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“I love all my fur babies, but I can’t adopt anymore and it’s definitely not easy.

“My life quite literally revolves around them, I’m even unable to go on holiday as no one will take on the challenge of caring for 22 dogs at once!

“I have to take some of the poorly dogs to the vets a lot; Bella for example has hydrotherapy once a week and will soon be having physiotherapy too.

Becky lives with her partner, Kevin, 36, who sleeps in the spare room so Becky can sleep with the dogs in the main bedroom.

She added: “The dogs sleep all around the house – from the sofa, to the small bed that’s just for the dogs in my room.”

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While Becky doesn’t plan on getting on any more dogs any time soon, she doesn’t plan on rehoming any of her current troop either!

Her newest recruit, Bella, was dumped at a local pet shop just before Christmas and was badly limping on all four legs.

Becky later discovered Bella needs two new elbows which would cost her £6,000. Due to the hefty price, Becky is fund raising to help pay for Bella’s surgery.

She added: “I’m from a family of dog lovers, I’ve never understood how someone could have the heart to abuse them.

“I feel like it’s my job to restore their faith in humans and make them feel loved and safe again.”

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Bert – Jack Russell, 15 years

Jessica – Jack Russell/Dachshund mix, 9 years

Chelsea – Jack Russell/Chihuahua, 9yrs

Arthur – Patterdale Terrier, 9 years

Benson – Jack Russell, age unknown

Alfie – Jack Russell (Benson’s son), age unknown

Marley – Smooth Coated Fox Terrier, age unknown

Mary – Jack Russell, age unknown

Molly – Jack Russell, age unknown

Charlie – Jack Russell, 2 years

Tyson – Jack Russell, age unknown

Bo – Romanian crossbreed, 5 years old

Buddy – Romanian crossbreed, (Bo’s brother), 5 years old

Brian – Romanian crossbreed, 5 years old

Frank – Dachshund cross, age unknown

Poppy – Terrier crossbreed, age unknown

Billy – Tomanian crossbreed, age unknown

Lady – Collie Cross, 13 – 14 years old

Jacob – German shepherd cross, 12 – 13 years old

Seth – Romanian crossbreed, 5 – 6 years old

Bronson- mastiff cross, 3 – 4 years old

Bella – Dogue de Bordeaux, 1 year old