Bangladeshi woman with giant hand hopes to get life changing treatment

A Bangladeshi housewife’s rare condition has seen her fingers and palm swell to giant proportions.

Afroza Begum, 36, suffers from an unknown medical condition causing her right hand to swell to the size of a football. Her fingers have abnormally grown thick and have lost shapes

Afroza Begum, 36, suffers from an unknown medical condition causing her right hand to swell

Afroza Begum’s rare medical condition has left local doctors baffled.

The 36-year-old’s right hand has swollen to the size of a football – with her fingers abnormally thick.

As a result of the debilitating condition, Afroza relies on her left hand to carry out her daily chores of cleaning, washing clothes and cooking for her husband and two teenage children.

Afroza, from Sirjagon in northern Bangladesh, said: “The pain is excruciating. I had visited several doctors in my village. I had taken numerous X-Ray tests to check if the bone was growing but the results always showed my bones were fine. Instead, there was problem with the flesh but doctors could not ascertain what caused the flesh to grow into a lump thickening the fingers.”

Her condition has become so bad she can barley lift the palm of her right hand with her left.

Afroza Begum and family

Afroza Begum and family

She has begun suffering from blisters on the palm, which often burst – resulting in painful sores.

Afroza says she was born with a lump on her ring finger that was unusually thick, but as she grew older, the lump grew on her entire palm thickening her fingers.

While she sought help from several doctors at local healthcare in her village, she was always left disheartened when no treatment provided any relief.

While she had no symptoms, some doctors thought she had a problem with her bones and sent her for x-rays but the results showed there was no issue with the bone structure.

When no doctor could help her, they advised Afroza to take her case to advanced hospitals in Dhaka, the national capital. But she says she has been unable to make the visit to specialists because of their high cost, which she and her tailor husband cannot afford

Afroza Begum doing housework

Afroza Begum doing housework

Husband Bilal Hossain, 40, said: “It hurts me when I see her crying in pain but I am helpless. My income and expenses on children’s education doesn’t allow me to spend on her treatment but I want her to get rid of the lumps.

“I wish somebody would come forward and help us in her treatment,” added Bilal who makes 5000 Bangladeshi Taka (£45) a month.

But Afroza who understood her husband’s plight and never urged him for the treatment is now hoping telling her story will help her find funding.

She said: “I devoted my life to raising up my children and looking after my husband. I learnt working and cooking from one hand. I made myself well-equipped. But now as my children (daughter Khatun Lily,19,  and son Arman Hossain, 17) have grown up, I want to give some attention to myself.

Afroza Begum

Afroza Begum

“I want to get a treatment to cure my disease. I also wish to have normal hand. My hand is just a useless piece of flesh but I want it to work. I hope somebody would come forward to my help.”