Bagpipe player produces haunting version of Godfather theme on cult film’s 45th anniversary

A talented bagpipe player has produced a haunting version of The Godfather theme for the cult film’s 45th anniversary.

Dressed in an elegant blue dress Archy J takes a seat next to a grand piano while the 1972 movie’s theme plays on a gramophone.

Archy, who is part of a group called The Snake Charmer, picks up the Scottish wind instrument and starts playing along with Nina Rota’s classic composition.
The 26-year-old musician plays ‘Speak Softly Love’ for the whole three minutes in the Piano Man Jazz club in New Delhi, India.

PIC FROM Caters News

Archy said: “I have always loved The Godfather so I wanted to cover this classic theme.
“The reaction has mostly been very positive.
“People love that I give them something different to listen to and watch.
“My music producer Karan Katiyar and I want to paint a different image of the bagpipes and how they are seen.
“We are happy to be seeing a certain success at what we aim to do.”
Archy first started learning the bagpipes three-years-ago after seeing them played in a Swiss folk metal band.

PIC FROM Caters News

She said: “I was blown away and instantly fell in love with the bagpipes.
“In India there aren’t many teachers as it’s a very rare instrument here.
“I made up my mind to learn it the right way, the right techniques and there were only two options in front of me.
“For two years I learned on my own and then went to Scotland for a short 5 days course to brush up my skills and to learn more.
“After coming back, I quit my high-paying job in e-commerce and gave all my time to making bagpipes my primary career.”