Astonishing Images Show Women As Old As 80 Swimming For Two And A Half Miles With 200 Jerry Cans Tied To Backs In Search For Clean Water

These astonishing images show elderly women swimming for more than two miles with up to 200 empty jerry cans tied to their backs in a search for clean water.

The 5,800 families who live in the fishing village of Tinambung on Sulawesi Island in Indonesia have long-depended on these female water collectors.

Pics By Hariandi Hafid/ Caters News

The village is known as ‘dry land’ because it has no access to clean water, with the water available only suitable for bathing and laundry.

So instead, these women make daily swimming trips two and a half miles along the murky waters of the Mandar River to reach clean water wells built along the river bank.

The families pay up to 500 Indonesian Rupiah (0.27 pence) per can or £5 for the whole load to the water collectors, who are as old as 80.

Pics By Hariandi Hafid/ Caters News

Indo Sappe, 78, who lives in Tinambung, is one of the water collectors and has been doing the job for more than 20 years.

She said: “I have been a water collector for two decades.

“I now get fresh water for my home.

“I have to swim for farther into the river for clean water.”

Pics By Hariandi Hafid/ Caters News

Other communities struggle with similar challenges in Indonesia, which has myriad environmental problems.

A recently-released United Nations reported stated more than two billion people in the country do not have reliable access to drinking water.

Indonesia is also infamous for its filthy Citarum river, which empties into the sea near Jakarta.

Pics By Hariandi Hafid/ Caters News