Anorexic couple on their deathbeds are now set to get married after forcing one another to eat

An anorexic couple who were both on their deathbeds are now set to get married after forcing one another to eat six times per day.

Mark Wadson, 31, and Miranda Naprelac, 22, weighed just 13st (84 kilos) combined at the height of their battle with anorexia and bulimia.

Lying on their deathbeds, both of their families had prepared themselves to say their final goodbyes.

But 16 months ago the couple, who are now engaged, started a romantic relationship after first meeting at an eating disorder clinic.

The pair hit it off straight away when they first met in 2013 but it wasn’t until three years later that the pair finally started dating.

They quickly realised that the only way their relationship would work was if they both combated their eating disorders and decided to combat their illnesses once and for all.

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Crying together after meals, Mark and Miranda forced themselves to eat three meals per day and they finally began gaining weight.

Now, the couple are finally in remission and are thanking one another for saving their lives.

Mark, from Perth, Australia, said: “Me and Miranda helped each other combat our anorexia and bulimia.

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“We were so desperate to make our relationship work that we knew we couldn’t both have eating disorders.

“I was first diagnosed with anorexia and bulimia in 2012 but it wasn’t until 2016 that I was finally back in control of my eating habits after meeting Miranda.

“Miranda completely understood how it felt to have an eating disorder and even while in the clinic together we knew we had a special friendship.

“It wasn’t until three years after we first met during my first admission to an eating disorder clinic that we felt ready to start a relationship and we haven’t looked back since.

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“We both cried after meals and struggled to stop calorie counting but we did it together so we could have a normal relationship.

“Before meeting Miranda I was restrict for two to three days before binging and purging, this was a vicious cycle for four years.

“Now we have a healthy balanced diet, eating three times per day with snacks.

“We even work with each other across Australia as community workers.”

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Mark has since proposed to Miranda on December 28 2017 during a flight on her birthday.

Miranda added: “We were on our way to Bali when Mark asked me to marry him in front of the whole plane.

“I was so shocked but couldn’t say yes quick enough, I don’t know where I’d be today without Mark.

“I was just 5st 6lbs (36 kilos) at my lowest which was almost three stone (19 kilos) lower than before my diagnosis.

“I first met Mark when we were both sneaking out for a cigarette, which was against the rules, while in the clinic.

“We started chatting and as we were both in the same situation we had a lot in common.

“We both had nasal gastric tubes inserted on many occasions as it would feed us throughout the night while we slept.

“We also had to force ourselves to eat three large meals and three smaller meals per day as well as calorie supplement drinks to be able to gain weight sufficiently.

“I wouldn’t eat anything other than grapes for up to three days before eating a low calorie meal to kick start my metabolism and would over exercise excessively.

“We remained friends for years but it wasn’t until three years later that we actually started a relationship.

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“It has been the best 16 months of my life, we have an amazing job together and can’t wait to get married.”

Mark’s anorexia first started in 2012 after suffering a shoulder injury which prevented him from playing his two favourite sports, cricket and football.

He added: “I was battling depression after my injury and I could no longer work as a carpenter.

“I began restricting my food as a way of regaining control of my life but I was so unwell that my own dad cried as he thought I was going to die.

“I would binge eat and then be sick on an evening, before my eating disorder began I weighed 17 stone (110 kilos) but at my lowest I was just over seven stone (48 kilos).

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“Now thanks to each other we feel our normal selves again.

“Miranda’s eating disorder first started due to childhood abuse and a number of family issues.

“But despite it all, we are so thankful for finding each other, we now have a completely new lease of life.

“I hope our story helps others who are going through anything similar, we’ve always been keen to share our anorexia battle so they know there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

The couple now weighs a combined weight of 140 kilos (22 stone). Miranda is a healthy 60 kilos and Mark weights 80 kilos.