Amazing moment adrenaline junkie sets new world record by flying his wingsuit for a staggering six-and-a-half hours

This incredible adrenaline junkie set a spectacular world record, after managing to pilot his wingsuit for a staggering six-and-a-half hours.

For experienced wingsuit pilot Jarno Cordia no challenge is ever too great, but with more than 9000 jumps under his belt, he decided to embark on a new, seemingly impossible, challenge – something that had never been attempted before.


With the world record for a single conventional wingsuit flight standing at impressive nine-and-a-half minutes, following the opening of the world’s first indoor wingsuit wind-tunnel in Stockholm, Sweden, Jarno set sights on a unique venture.

Aiming for a two-hour flight time, Jarno eclipsed his own expectation on January 8th when he managed to stay airborne for an incredible six-and-a-half hours, flying 924.42 km in the process.

Achieving the feat in front of 70,000 people who watched the attempt live via Facebook, an elated Jarno said: “As this is the first indoor wingsuit facility, there hadn’t been any record set for an indoor flight.

“My initial thought would be to aim for about thirty minutes, but after a few practice runs, I thought two hours might be achievable.

“But I always push for the maximum, and if I set a record without doing so, I’d just feel bad.


“I was super happy with the result – I did all that I could without fatigue making me collapse, which felt only a few moments away. The heat in the tunnel had reached 45 degrees.

“I felt my muscles for days afterwards, but I’m so hooked on flying that I was back in the tunnel the next day.

“Toilet stops weren’t possible. I did consider adult diapers, but I thought may take the glamour and romance out of the event, so I just moderately consumed water throughout.

“I tried to switch between flying on my belly, like normal wingsuit flights, and then altering to flying on my back, to ease the stress on my arms a bit.


“But regardless of position, my shoulders and legs always got the full force, so, for sure, after about an hour, things started to hurt.

“It’s my first Guinness record, though I have been in several world records in skydiving, as well as won many international competitions with my team. It’s a special thing.”