Alt-hare ego! Mechanic with rabbit obsession dresses up as giant bunny on days off

A mechanic – who has been obsessed with rabbits since childhood – has revealed why he spends his days off dressing as a GIANT BUNNY.

Adrian James, 29, has dressed as his alter-ego ‘Keel,’ which involves wearing a 6ft rabbit bodysuit, for the past ten years and admits to spending over a hopping £10,000 on suits and rabbit merchandise.

PIC FROM Aled Llywelyn / Caters News

 Working full-time as a vehicle electrical engineer, Adrian typically wears jeans and t-shirts but on his days off he transforms into a furry rabbit, and spends time with his real rabbit, Pop Junior. 

Despite others giving him criticism, Adrian claims that he feels his happiest when he’s living as a rabbit as it allows him to ‘escape’ from every day troubles. 

Adrian, from Pembrokeshire, Wales, said: “I know typical mechanics don’t go home and dress up as a big furry bunny rabbit but it’s my favourite thing to do. 

“When I was born I had a yellow bunny rabbit toy and I’ve loved rabbits ever since.

PIC FROM Aled Llywelyn / Caters News

“But it wasn’t until the age of 15, when I found the toy in my parents’ loft, that my obsession really began.

“I started to buy more cuddly rabbit toys and then one day made a suit out of one of my plushies.

“Once I’d done this I realised how much I loved to dress up as a rabbit and have that sense of ‘escape’ by pretending to be one. 

“Now, I have spent over £10,000 on rabbit suits and each one gets better and better. There’s no limit on how much I’ll spend on my obsession!”

From the age of 20, Adrian has transformed into his alter-ego, Keel, to attend events, general outings with friends and even to the local shops.

However, he claims that, despite getting a lot of praise for his confidence, he has also been heckled by strangers in the street for his appearance.

PIC FROM Aled Llywelyn / Caters News

He said: “A lot of people love it when I dress up in my suits and take photos with me and they are genuinely excited.

“But I get a lot of people who think my lifestyle choice is weird – I’ve had rugby boys try to tackle me and people even telling their children to punch me.

“I try not to let them bother me and instead I just focus on the friends I have made from dressing up.

“When I go to events with my other friends who also dress up, I feel like we’re part of a tight-knit community and I feel really confident.” 

And despite Adrian’s main form of social life being immersed in the ‘furry’ community, he claims that his obsession is in no way sexual.

PIC FROM Aled Llywelyn / Caters News

He said: “Wearing my bunny rabbit suit isn’t a fetish – it’s just something that I love to do.

“I could never see myself doing something like that in my suit and I wouldn’t get any enjoyment. I love rabbits because they’re cute and funny, not in any other way.

“Finding a community of people who dress up like I do has given me a new lifestyle that’s away from getting drunk and going clubbing – it’s completely innocent.

“Having been in the same job for the past ten years, I love being able to transform and escape ‘normal’ life every weekend as Keel.

“I can’t see a day where I’ll stop living as a rabbit, even if it’s not as often, as I think my obsession will just keep growing.”