Age-defying Mum Who Gets Mistaken As Daughter’s Sister Shares Skincare Secrets

A stunning mum who looks half her age and always gets mistaken for being her daughter’s SISTER has shared her incredible age-defying skincare secrets.

With her glowing skin, bright eyes and radiant smile, it is no surprise that mum-of-three Abigail O’Neill often gets mistaken as being a sister to her children Charlotte, 25, Rory, 23, and Ryan, 20, instead of their mother.

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The 44-year-old from Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia, appears to have discovered the elixir of youth – but Abigail said it all comes down to having a completely natural and organic skincare routine that is entirely free of chemicals.

The model uses edible household ingredients such as honey, sea salt, coconut oil and cocoa powder on her skin – while also incorporating other natural elements such as fresh aloe vera, epsom salts and an assortment of essential oils to her beauty routine.

Abigail, who is married to builder Gerri, 55, said: “I have focused on an all-natural skincare routine for my whole life and I think that has helped me stay looking young.

“I get told weekly that I look like my children’s sibling. People are astonished when I tell them I am their mother.

“They’ll say things like ‘I never would have guessed you to have grown up kids, they look like your little brothers and sisters’

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“Whenever my daughter and I go out together, people always say we look like sisters. It happens all the time.

“We have a wonderful relationship, so I guess we are more like sisters in that sense.

“People always guess that I’m in my twenties. They are shocked when I tell them my real age.”

The gorgeous mum believes her unbelievable youthful appearance is down to the fact that she only ever uses completely natural and organic products on her skin that are free from chemicals.

And while the model occasionally wears makeup while on a photoshoot, Abigail said that otherwise she is completely makeup-free – which she feels has helped preserve her naturally glowing skin.

She said: “My skincare is 100 per cent totally natural, organic and cold pressed.

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“Don’t underestimate its potency when it comes to delivering precious antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and probiotics. The best part is it’s all completely chemical free.

“The ingredients I choose to use on my skin are so utterly nature derived that they usually come from my own garden or organic kitchen.

“I do believe avoiding all those chemicals topically and using only organic ingredients on my face and body to have attributed to my flawless skin.”

Abigail said she owes her enviable svelte figure on a fresh and healthy diet that largely consists of raw, organic and plant-based foods – while she also undergoes a juice fast twice a year.

She said: “I’ve always lived by the mantra that you are what you eat. I love eating superfood-rich, organic and mostly raw plant-based meals.

“Because I’ve nourished myself so long with unprocessed, raw and organic foods, I don’t crave unnatural meals ever and never have a cheat day.

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“I treat myself to raw cacao chocolate daily. It’s so revitalising for the body and soul, and is beautifying for the skin. It’s like taking a multivitamin.

“I like to seasonally juice fast a couple of times per year for detoxification, it makes me feel incredible and is a way to evaluate and reset my body.

“Hydrotherapy is a wonderful way to activate the body and skin. Even just a thirty second blast of cold water at the end of your usual shower will boost your circulation and metabolism.”

Despite being ‘flattered’ that people mistake her for being in her twenties, Abigail said she will embrace the natural ageing process as it comes.

She said: “I may look young, and that’s very flattering but the soul is where we sparkle from. I think it’s how I feel on the inside that helps portray my youthfulness.”

“The ageing process is so much more than just what is skin-deep. It’s about learning new things, staying flexible and continuing to laugh with life.

“Living will leave lines upon you, and I know in time they will come for me too.”

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-Fresh picked aloe vera from the garden

-Raw honey from her own bees

-Sea salt and epsom salt

-Tumeric powder

-Raw cacao

-Green clay

-Coconut yoghurt

-Acai powder


-Fine seaside sand

-Coconut and olive oils

-Frankincense, sandalwood or myrrh essential oils



-Exfoliate whole body with organic homemade body scrub made of Epsom salt, sea salt and essential oils three times a week.

-Moisturise whole body with a light application of raw organic coconut oil.

-Moisturise face with pure organic fresh aloe vera inner gel and cold pressed organic rose hip oil.


-Soak in the bath followed by cold blast of water

-Raw crystallised honey face exfoliation followed by a honey and cacao powder face mask

-Pure essential oils rubbed into the face.

-Cacao butter rubbed into the face as a rich night moisturiser three times a week.