After nearly a decade of searching for her family, adopted woman discovers biological sister living next door

After searching for her real family for nearly a decade, this adopted woman discovered her biological sister was actually living NEXT DOOR. 

Ever since she can remember, Hillary Harris, 31, from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, always knew she was adopted – but one thing she never knew was who her biological family really were, or why she was given up. 


With curiosity continuing to fester over the years, Hillary began actively searching for her parents after the birth of her daughter, Stella, but was left incredibly disappointed to learn her father, Wayne Clouse, had sadly passed away in 2010. 

Discovering in her dad’s obituary that she had a sister named Dawn Johnson, Hillary began scouring social media in search of the older sibling she’d “always wanted” – but continuously the mother-of-one wound up empty-handed. 

However, all of that changed last year, when her new next-door neighbour knocked at her door, introducing herself as Dawn, from Greenbrook, Wisconsin – the same town listed in her father’s obituary. 

Despite sharing a driveway, Hillary admits the pair rarely spoke with one another, but the 31-year-old continued to tussle with the idea of asking her for her second name. 

Then, after one of Dawn’s deliveries was left outside Hillary’s house, in August 2017, the home daycare provider was stunned to see the package addressed to a Dawn Johnson. 


Admitting her “stomach dropped,” Hillary finally plucked up the courage to inform Dawn, 50, about her far-fetched theory they might be sisters – and incredibly it turned out to be true. 

Now inseparable, the pair finally decided to go public with their miraculous story.

Hillary said: “I was a month old when I was adopted, but I’ve known about it my whole life. 

“When I became pregnant with my daughter, Stella, I wanted to know about [potential] health issues in my family, for both me and my unborn daughter.

“Not having any sisters growing up, I truly wanted a big sister for advice and guidance – I was determined to find Dawn.

“When our new neighbours moved in, my Husband Lance said that her name was Dawn and she was from Greenwood.

“We began joking about the fact that she could be my sister, but in reality what were the chances. 


“[But after] I saw a delivery of shingles dropped on our shared driveway with the name Johnson on it, I instantly called my husband.”

After encouragement from Lance, Hillary sent Dawn three texts, finishing on the question, “Who was your father?”

Relieved to see the name Wayne Clouse texted back, Hillary jumped for joy around her living room, before exchanging a hug on her adjoining driveway with her sister for the very first time. 

Dawn, a medical lab technician, said: “When we found the house [next door to Hillary], it was almost like something was drawing me to it, but I didn’t know what it was.

“I found out at 14 that my stepfather wasn’t my dad, but I wasn’t aware of any other siblings other than the two I grew up with. 

“I’d only ever seen Hillary to exchange a wave or a smile, but her daughter used to regularly come round to play – maybe she had a sense of it all. 

“I was ecstatic with my mouth hanging open when Hillary told me. 


“It’s truly unbelievable to buy a house and find out that my sister – who I didn’t even know existed – was living next door. 

“Our relationship is truly unique and wonderful; I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

“At this point I literally can’t remember not knowing each other.

“It’s like we were never apart.”