Adorable moment baby battles to keep her eyes open whilst waiting for army dad to return

By Katy Gill

PIC FROM Caters News

This is the adorable moment a baby battles to keep her eyes open whilst she waits for her dad to come home.

Six-month-old Oakley was patiently waiting for her father, Matthew, 30, a soldier in the US Army, to return home from work but struggled to keep her eyes open, slowly slumping over as she fell deeper asleep.

Her doting mum, Amanda Hugelmann, 28, captured the touching moment on camera and quickly sent it to Matthew.

Baby Oakley definitely isn’t camera shy – and Amanda has even set up a Facebook and Instagram account, @selfiebabyoakley, to document her daughter’s daily selfies.

Amanda, a stay at home mum from LA, USA, said: “Oakley didn’t give me any indication that she was tired but suddenly she started to drift off to sleep whilst sitting up, it was adorable to watch.

“I sent the video to Matthew, as well as all of our family members, and they couldn’t believe how adorable she was and loved watching such a cute moment.

“We take a lot of selfies throughout our day together so we can show Matthew when he gets home, that way he doesn’t have to miss out.

“So far, Oakley has been lucky that her daddy goes to work during the week and gets to come home at night and on weekends.

PIC FROM Caters News

“However, being in the Army means that Matthew won’t always be home and Oakley will have periods of time in her life when her daddy will be deployed.

“Right now, she doesn’t understand that, but we still can’t wait for him to come home of an evening.

“Oakley will have to learn to cherish every day that she gets to spend with her father since his career goes hand in hand with facing danger, but we are a very proud family and Matthew is our hero.”

PIC FROM Caters News