Adorable footage shows young boy racers motorcrossing

A pair of brothers are showing off their skills by motorcrossing at just FOUR and TWO-years-old.

Patrick, 38, and Jocelyn Smart, 25, two children Jaydin, four, and Eli, two, took after their parents in their love for motorcrossing.


This incredible footage shows the talent that the two toddlers have, as they can be seen racing over hills and reaching top speeds.

Patrick, from Berry Creek, California, said: “I started racing when I was 25 and I did really good at it, and then when I met Jocelyn I introduced her to riding and racing and she loved it too.


“When Jaydin was born I knew I would raise him to be a rider even if it was just for fun.

“I started giving him rides on my bike at four-months-old and I believe he was hooked from the first ride.


“By 18-months-old he was doing amazing things on his bike and then I knew I had a future rider on my hands!

“Eli started a little bit later than his brother, but that’s because when Jaydin was little all my time went into him and his riding.


“Eli gets his drive from watching Jaydin wanting to be like his older brother – he is a really quick learner!”