Adorable Five-year-old No Longer Victim To Playground Bullies Thanks To New Prosthetic Hand

An adorable five-year-old is no longer a victim to playground bullies thanks to her new pink prosthetic hand.

Little Lottie Wilson-Dale was left distraught when other children branded her ‘snake arm’ after being born without her left arm.

Pic by Matt Bristow/Caters News

Lottie was born with amniotic banding syndrome – a birth defect which prevents the limbs from growing normally – something that had left her with an undeveloped arm which ends just after her elbow.

But after spending the past three years on the waiting list for a new limb, Lottie is now able to join in with other children her age after waiting one week for the limb to be built.

Her proud mum, Michelle Dale, 46, is thrilled for her daughter who now has two hands like the other children in her class.

Lottie is now learning how to use both hands to gain more muscle in her left arm, she is now able to pick up light items and can now hold a pen and ride her scooter.

Revenue manager, Michelle, who is from Woodingdean, Brighton, said: “It is only recently that Lottie has started to question why she is ‘different’ and wonders why her little brother Rueben, two,  has two hands and she doesn’t.

Pic by Matt Bristow/Caters News

“There have been times when other children tease Lottie in the playground and say ‘ew look at her snake arm’ or ‘hook hand’ and have run away.

“It isn’t just children, but parents too, who tend to stare a lot which is so upsetting for us as parents.

“The new prosthetic arm has made her feel like a superhero and her confidence has grew massively.

“It was important for me and my partner Natalie Wilson, 35, to apply for the prosthetic arm as we don’t ever want her to get bullied or feel left out as she gets older.

“We also want her left arm to develop as much as it can to avoid her having one arm bigger than the other, it will only give people another excuse to pick on her.

Pic by Matt Bristow/Caters News

“Lottie can now alternate between arms when playing with her barbies, hold the paper when colouring and pick up light items like an empty milk carton and can hold a pen.”

Since receiving her free biconical arm from the charity UnLimbited, Lottie has wowed her peers at school and is able to exercise her left arm muscles by using her new hand to pick things up.

Doting mum Michelle adds: “She was so excited to go to school and surprise her teacher by passing her work with her new hand, which actually moved her teacher to tears.

“She absolutely loves it and so do most the boys at her school, they think it is really cool.

“When she asks us about her arm, we just remind her that she is even more special, and it will never stop us from loving her.

Pic by Matt Bristow/Caters News

“She is so clever and has learnt how to use her feet when doing art work to hold the paper and when playing with lego, she holds the pieces with her feet.

“I am hoping prosthetic’s will become more affordable so we don’t have to worry about waiting another three years when she grows out of this one.

“We were fortunate enough to receive her bionic hand for free this time from the amazing charity as it has helped make her feel like other children her age.

“She loves playing with her little brother and even finds the tidying up enjoyable now too!”