Adorable baby blew doctor away at birth with luscious long locks!

The mum of a super-hairy baby in Scotland was so concerned he could not see through his thick fringe, she had it cut at just 20-weeks-old.

Six-month-old Adorable Ash Patel from Gourock, Renfrewshire, shocked the doctor at his birth and soon became his hairdresser’s youngest ever customer.

Parents, Louise Hutchison, 33, and Satty Patel, 31, cannot leave the house without stranger after stranger asking questions about what they think is their baby girl.

Louise said: “He got his first haircut just before Christmas so his vision wasn’t restricted.

“As the photo of him at just two-hours-old, shows, he was born with a lot of hair and it hasn’t stopped growing since.

“I was completely shocked at how much hair he had when I first saw him, even the doctor was stunned by his furry head.

“When we go out, wherever it is, everyone comments on his hair but automatically think he’s a girl because he’s got so much hair!

Pic from Caters News

Parents up and down the country might want to forget about their child’s first haircut with memories of resistance, tears and tantrums.

Luckily for Louise, by the time Ash can throw a wobbly on the barber’s chair, he will be an old hand under the scissors and will accept it as routine.

Pic from Caters News

Louise said: “His dad absolutely loves his hair, in fact he was the reason only the front of it was cut at Christmas and nothing more came off as he was scared it would end up ruined.

“The same lady who cuts my hair did his and she said he’s the youngest person she’s ever given a trim.”

“He was absolutely fine with his first haircut actually sat quite happily.

“I haven’t asked my parent how old I was before my first trim however I reckon I was probably over two-years-old due to the fact at nine months I was still pretty baldy.”

“I don’t think his Dad was quite as hairy as him but he was pretty hairy himself apparently.

Pic from Caters News

“My family all love his long hair. They all just think he’s absolutely amazing.

Six months on from Ash’s birth at Inverclyde Royal Hospital and Mum, Louise has got his beauty regime down to a T.

She said: “I only wash it twice a week as it doesn’t need any more than that and I use Burt Bees Hair and Body Wash in it, I don’t use any other products in his hair at all.