Adorable 94-year-old grandma gushes over ‘handsome’ police officers, as she thanks them for their service

This adorable 94-year-old grandmother can’t get enough the handsome police officers stopping by her house, as she thanks them for their service.

Greeted with kisses on arrival, these five police officers from the Clearwater Police Department, Florida, USA, certainly found an admirer in Betty Helmuth, as they stopped by to drop off vital supplies to the pensioner while Hurricane Irma approached, on September 7.

The officers received a message from Betty’s Texas-based granddaughter, Rachel Copeland, who asked what she could do to help prepare her grandmother, who cannot drive and was likely short of vital provisions.


Priding themselves on being ‘community champions’, the Clearwater Police Department went above and beyond the call of duty, as Officer James Frederick and police aides Ivan Hernandez, Conner Davis, Andrew Coleman and Marquez Hartsfield came bearing gifts for the 94-year-old.

Armed with food, water, flashlights, batteries and other storm necessities, Betty is clearly overjoyed to see the boys in blue arrive at her door, emphasizing how much she loves them, before amorously telling them how handsome they all are.


Rob Shaw, a spokesperson for the Clearwater Police Department, said: “Betty’s granddaughter, who lives out of state, reached out to us over Facebook asking us if we know of any way in which she can help her grandmother prepare for Hurricane Irma.

“As a department, we always talk of how we endeavor to be community champions, so when we heard that Betty was in need, we were all too happy to help her.

“Meeting Betty made the officers’ days – she brought a smile to everyone’s face at the department.

“With her warmth, compassion and genuine care for us, she really was an inspiration to us all.

“We stopped by her house the other day to check she was okay. We’ve certainly found a friend for life.


“It’s so refreshing to see people embrace these kinds of stories where police officers help the public, which mostly occur out of the spotlight.

“We try to be community champions for all of our residents, and we were delighted to be able to help Betty.”