A wheelie unusual wedding as bride arrives on a scooter

Pic by Rachel Best Photography / Caters News

A bride suffering from a condition that causes chronic pain did not let it stop her making an unusual entrance on her big day when she and her bridesmaids arrived on micro scooters.

Victoria Faye, 28, suffers from Fibromyalgia, a condition which means she gets extreme fatigue, struggles to walk and has increased sensitivity to pain.

The bride-to-be was worried she would not be able to make it through her big day but married partner Adam Faye, 25, at the Guild Hall, in Hull, on August 5, after riding through the city on the decorated scooter.

Victoria said: “I have always been a little bit ‘random’, as my friends say so I didn’t want to conform with the typical wedding car and also wanted to use my body to get there because in a few years time I may not be able to walk as much again.

 Pic by Rachel Best Photography / Caters News

“It was a big risk with my health as with Fibromyalgia you have good and bad days so it was a 50/50 chance that I could do it on the day.

“I was pretty sure I could because I knew I would be running on adrenaline.

“Whilst we were riding along a lot of people stopped us for photos, they were congratulating us and telling me how beautiful I looked in my dress.

“So many people were clapping and cheering at us and taking shots on their camera phones.”

Victoria was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2015 after baffling doctors with her symptoms but she was determined it wouldn’t ruin her special day.

She said: “I have chronic pain every day and I am on medication.

“It gives me really bad fatigue and sometimes I can sleep for days on end and not move very well.

Pic by Rachel Best Photography / Caters News 

“After the wedding day, I was not able to do too much because I was in so much pain.

“Last year I was using crutches nearly every day and worked hard with a physiotherapist to be able to walk more often.

“I spent the next three days after the wedding sleeping.”

Victoria meets her now husband at Hull University after both enrolling on the same course and in 2013 Adam decided it was the right time to propose.

Adam, a primary school teacher, said: “We had gone on holiday to Brugge and on the way back to the ferry I managed to call ahead without Victoria knowing and arranged for a bottle of champagne to be left in our room.

Pic by Rachel Best Photography / Caters News 

“She went into the cabin first and was very confused to see the champagne and when she turned around I was down on one knee, asking her the big question.”

Adam even got his own scooter to ride on the way back from the ceremony and has a been a huge support for Victoria since they meet.

She said: “Adam is amazing when we got together I was honest from the start explaining the problems I experienced.

“When we got together Adam was only 19 and I thought he would run a mile but he has never from there left my side. On bad days he helps with every aspect of daily living.

“I am very lucky though because Adam loves to cook which is something I really struggle with.

“He is my rock and I could never be without him.”