A mum desperate to never age hopes to prevent butt from sagging thanks to unusual spider web procedure

A mum who is desperate to never age is hoping to prevent her butt from sagging thanks to an unusual spider web procedure.

Marcela Iglesias from Los Angeles, California, USA, had 100 injections into her butt cheeks to stimulate collagen, tighten the muscles and keep her perky.

Fearing the effects of ageing could leave her droopy, she underwent the non-invasive procedure that she says was ‘completely painless’.

She hopes that cosmetic procedures like this, leech therapy and a healthy lifestyle will keep her looking young forever and serve as a fountain of youth, so she can ‘age beautifully.’

The mum-of-three, who refuses to reveal her real age, had the ‘Spider Web Butt Lift’ less than two weeks ago with Dr. Aleix Bazzi and Dr. Payman Simoni, which encourages cellular renewal and renews elasticity.

Named after the unusual pattern created on a patient’s rear that PDO threads are inserted into – the procedure cost $3,000 (£2.3k).


Marcela, originally from Argentina, said: “I want to maintain the way I look and keep people guessing how old I am, people can’t believe I have a 17-year-old son.

“For the past five years I have done a lot of research to maintain youthful skin from leech treatment to taking care of my body, quitting soda and meat.

“I know with ageing of the muscles you start to lose volume in every part of your body, so I know this will help me.

“The Spider Webb Butt Lift prevents sagging and stimulates collagen so will give a bit of extra volume too.

“I felt no pain at all, I encourage anyone who is scared of plastic surgery to try the treatment.

“I want to keep looking as young as I can with procedures and a healthy lifestyle, I feel more confident.


“I’m looking for the eternal fountain of youth, a new way of life, so I look the best I can be without modifying or changing my body through surgery.

“I’m doing all I can to avoid ageing, I like to say I’m ageing beautifully.”

Marcela believes her fixation for body alteration stemmed from not being allowed to play with Barbie dolls as a child, because her mother considered them to be ‘too fake’.

Now she is determined to alter and prevent herself from ageing through non-invasive procedures.

Marcela said: “When I was younger, I wanted to transform myself, but I was raised in a society where it’s a taboo to change the way you look, I couldn’t express myself the way I wanted.

“Internally I would love to look like Super Girl, but as a child I couldn’t go out like that nor look crazy, no one would let me and would criticise me to the point of bullying.”


Marcela underwent leech therapy seven month ago to keep her face looking youthful and now she’s trying to stop her butt from sagging.

She said: “I’m a Latina woman with round buttocks, so it has always been kind of big.

“I was ashamed back then but now I think ‘Thank god big butts are in’ and I would like to maintain it as much as I can.

“I’ve never had any plastic surgery in my life but would like to maintain what I have and make it better with non-invasive procedures.”

Marcela created the Plastics of Hollywood platform in 2016, dubbed the ‘Real Life Barbie Doll House’ that hosts people wanting to alter themselves through surgery.

Among the talent includes: Rodrigo Alves, Justin Jedlica, Pixie Fox, Jennifer Pamplona, Bryan Ray, Luis Padron, Nikki Exotika and many more.


Marcela said: “My mother never bought me a Barbie doll to play with as a child because she said they looked fake, but now I have the real human dolls to have fun with.

“I am amazed by people who can achieve certain looks or turn themselves into characters and couldn’t believe these people didn’t have a platform like mine that supports them unconditionally.”

While a lot of individuals on the platform focus on going under the knife, Marcela is trying to find her way around it with as little pain and the least invasive way possible.

She said: “But for this procedure, I was literally working on my phone and making jokes.

“I felt nothing, I was completely comfortable during the procedure and I will do it again if I want to.

“I was always scared of plastic surgery because I have seen ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ and there’s a lot more bad and ugly, than good.”


The procedure that typically takes 45 minutes uses polydioxanone (PDO) a strong flexible fibre that break down in the body within one to two months.

The effect can last for up to a year dependent on the amount of threads used and can be applied to any area of skin from the face to the abdomen, arms and other places.

It was performed by Dr. Aleix Bazzi of L’Artiste Aesthetics and Dr. Payman Simoni from Simoni Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Bazzi said: “The threads are inserted apart from each other and don’t touch or tie one to another once they are inserted into the skin, in the dermis.

“It produces collagen, leaving the skin lifted, tight and more youthful.

“If you look at the butt it’s a circular object, so we create a swirl so to speak.

“The way I did it with the web allows it all to connect and form a web-like collagenesis in a circular fashion.

“The threads will enhance the skin colour and texture but improves the cellulite dimpling affect too.

“When adding collagen, which is a stimulating substance, you improve the texture and the cellulites appearance.

“Because of the number of threads used, Marcela will have a better duration of improvement.”

For more information visit: www.queenofhollywood.com