A girls best friend – Adorable images capture young ballet dancer partnered with canine friends

 Pic by Andrey Seliverstov / Caters News 

This beautiful set of images capture the moment a young ballet dancer interacts with her four-legged friends against a stunning woodland backdrop.

The enchanted photos were taken by Andrey Seliverstov, 59 from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

He captured the scenes of nine-year-old Maria Palkina and her canine friends after being inspired by famous artists.

The fury pups can be seen leaping through the air next to the talented youngster.

Pic by Andrey Seliverstov / Caters News 

Andrey said: “It’s not an easy task to photograph both children and dogs.

“And of course for a person who has been photographing dogs for the last 20 years – it’s more difficult to work with kids, especially when they are so young.

“I became interested in the “kids and dogs theme” when I saw the works of Elena Shumilova and C.Murray who shoot similar scenes.

Pic by Andrey Seliverstov / Caters News

“The shots proved to be very popular, when I posted them on social media I immediately received thousands of subscribers.”

Maria was thrilled with the outcome and added: “I was so lucky to be part of this interesting project by a talented photographer.

Pic by Andrey Seliverstov / Caters News

“It was one of the best photo sessions, Andrey was able to show the two things I couldn’t live without, dancing and dogs.”