A fir-m favourite! Families rent same christmas tree for up to ten years – becoming so attached they even name it

By Hayley Pugh 

Families are growing so attached to their real Christmas tree, they’re using the same one every year for up to a decade and even naming it. 

A special rental service at Primrose Vale farm shop in Gloucestershire, means families can rent a tree for Christmas and return it to the shop to be replanted and cared for until they collect it again the following year.

Hundreds of households are so fond of their fir-ry friend they request the exact same tree each Christmas for up to ten years, with many even naming their tree so it won’t get confused with others. 

Paul Keene, growing manager at Primrose Vale farm shop, said:”Thousands of families rent trees from us each year. We’ve got several thousand in stock now and it’s growing every year.

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“They say I want the same tree, it’s labelled, we stick a tag on it, we put them in a certain area of the field, keep a record of it and then have them ready for next year. 

“There’s something slightly wrong in your heart to to kill something that’s been growing for six, seven or even ten years to cut down and enjoy it for three weeks just to throw it away. This way the tree gets to go on and on and on. 

Pics by Caters News

“People get really into their trees, they give them a name and they can’t wait to see the same tree again. 

“We’re a pick your own farm so we’re very busy in the summer with strawberries so if customers know their tree name and number they can even come down and they can find their tree in the patch and say hello to it in the summer as well.” 

The rental trees start at £25 for a three foot tree and go up £5 per foot so a seven foot tree is approximately £45. 

Pics by Caters News

Craig Tennock, from Cotswold Fir Forestry which provide the trees, added: “The customers take it home right about now, pop it inside and water it daily and then they bring it back after Christmas and they go back into the fields here, into the pots and we take care of it until the next year. 

“We have trees here that we rented out back in 2011 and they’re still on the block.

“It’s a great day out for the kids, they can come down and find their tree and they’re just so excited.”