‘A bun in the stove?’ Hilarious moment penny just won’t drop for grandma to be in ‘bun in the oven’ pregnancy announcement


‘A bun in the stove?’… For this Grandma-to-be, the penny just won’t drop when presented with a “Bun in the oven” pregnancy announcement riddle.

At a family barbecue at home in West Babylon, New York, USA, Lynda Felicione and her husband, Vinny, are sent on a very special treasure hunt during a game of hot or cold.

Rifling through the kitchen cupboards, Lynda is left perplexed by the game as all the draws appear to be empty.

But when she’s told she’s very warm, the 65-year-old opens the oven door to find a bun inside.

For everyone in the room the significance of the bun being in the oven indicated that daughter, Michele, was pregnant – except for Lynda, that is, leaving Vinny to ask, ‘Are you really that stupid?’


Saying the words ‘Bun in the oven‘ over and over again, miraculously, the symbolism finally clicks, causing Lynda, who has been dying to become a grandma, nearly faint in tears, hugging her daughter and proclaiming, ‘You’ve give me the gift of my life’.

New York Police Sargent, Michele, who experienced a mixture of emotions during her pregnancy announcement, said: “We told my mum and step-dad that the family were all going to play game and they were up first.

“My mum had no idea what to expect, when she found the burger bun she just thought she’d beaten Vinny and won the roll.

“I expected her to get the reference straight away but hilariously we all had to keep repeating it to her, even resorting to gestures.

“I actually thought at one point that she’d never get it, but when she did the laughter turned to crying as her reaction was so overwhelming.

“she said she was so shocked she thought she was going to faint.


“I think to begin with she almost didn’t want to let herself believe that the bun in the ovenmeant what it did, because of all the heartbreak we’ve suffered before.”

After an agonizing six years of trying to get pregnant and suffering a number of heartbreaking set-backs, 41-year-old Michele conceded to the idea that she may never get to become a mother.

Running short of options, Michele turned to IVF treatment as a last chance ditch at becoming a mother.

Amazingly the treatment worked, and Michele fell pregnant with twins just weeks later.

Michele said: “The last six or so years have been incredibly hard for me and my partner, we went through so much heartbreak and had all but faced the idea that we would never become parents.

“By some miracle I was lucky enough to fall pregnant with not one but two babies.


“My mum has always spoken about how much she wanted to be a grandma, but after what I went through she’d accepted it wasn’t to be.

“That’s why we wanted to make the announcement special for her.

“You can see just how much it meant to her – I still cry watching it back now.”