14-year-old who lost arms and legs to meningitis is living life to the fullest

A teenager who contracted meningitis and had all four limbs amputated has never seen herself as ‘disabled’ and is now wowing audiences on YouTube with her make-up skills.

Pic by Luke Johnston / Caters News

Izzy Weall was just seven-years-old when she fell ill with bacterial Meningitis, suffering a heart attack and organ failure while travelling in the ambulance and was brought back to life by an adrenaline shot.

The youngster, from Derby, has defied odds, even becoming a trampolining champion, and is now inspiring other amputees with her YouTube videos.

Her inspiring channel shows how she applies her make-up, despite having her arms amputated just below her elbow, and shows other insights into her day-to-day life.

Izzy’s Mum, Catherine Lloyd, said: “We so proud of her, she has never let anything stop her.

“She has never seen herself as disabled or different, she wants to do all the things that teenagers her age would do.

“She started becoming interested in make-up a few years ago and the more she practiced, the more she perfected it.

Pic by Luke Johnston / Caters News

“People have stopped us in the street and asked if I do her make and they are amazed thar she does it herself.

“It wasn’t until her grandad told her she should film it and put it on the internet to help others, that she set up the channel.

The schoolgirl started uploading regular videos to her YouTube channel around six months ago and has already had over 8,000 views on her videos.

Izzy is hoping to inspire other amputees with her videos and has already received messages from other disabled people around the world.

Izzy said: “No believed that I did my own make-up, I can do eyeliner and have even used fake eyelashes before.

“It did take a while to get it right but it came with practice, and now I’m uploading videos regularly.

“I have had a really positive reaction, I have had other amputees message me, thanking me for inspiring them.”

Izzy was just seven-years-old when she struck by bacterial Meningitis after feeling unwell at school and hours later was rushed to her local hospital.

Her parents, Oliver Weall, a manager for Rolls Royce, and Catherine Lloyd, both 43, were warned she had just hours to live after she suffered a heart attack and multiple organ failure.

Izzy battled back but doctors were forced to amputate her arms and legs to save her life.

Her Mum said: “She was being transferred to Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, when her heart stopped and her organs failed.

Pic by Luke Johnston / Caters News

“They had to give her a shot of adrenaline to keep her alive, they gave her a less than 1% chance of surviving.

“The top consultant said she was the illest child he had ever treated, who had manage to pull through.”

Izzy spent two weeks in an induced coma and her parents were warned she could potentially be brain damage after her ordeal.

However, Izzy came out of her coma a fighting and underwent the operation to have all four limbs removed.

Pic by Luke Johnston / Caters News

Catherine said: “The doctors sat us down and told us that we may have to be prepared to turn off her life support machine because her brain may have been so damaged.

“Luckily she came through fine and adapted really quickly to getting around without her limbs, I think because she was so young she never questioned anything.

Izzy spent two months in hospital and another eight months in a wheelchair before she was fitted with prosthetic limbs.

However just five years after learning to walk again Izzy stunned doctors and family by winning a national trampolining competition.

The schoolgirl, who lives with her two brothers Alex, 12 and Josh, 9, came top in the Disability Category Two Novice competition, in 2015, which was open to performers with a physical disability.

Izzy has now returned to trampoling after a shoulder operation but makes sure she has plenty of time to pursue her Youtube dreams.

Pic by Luke Johnston / Caters News

She said: “I love doing make-up videos but videos where I’m explaining what I have been through, get a lot of views.

“I want to prove that I’m no different to anyone else, and I hope others feel the same when watching my videos.”

Mum, Catherine, said: “She has always been very mature for her age and she is quite business minded.

“She is very thick skinned and determined and if someone gives her a challenge she will prove them wrong.

“Some people say to us it must be so awful for Izzy to have lost her limbs but we are lucky to have her with us regardless, we are so grateful we still have our daughter.”