Fit ab fab at fifty! Youtube sensation reveals secret to rock hard abs with epic workout!

A fifty-year-old fitness fanatic has revealed the secret to her youthful physique and rock hard abs. Despite being half a century, Jennifer King known as Farm Girl Jen online, claims ‘she never felt fitted’. The... read more>>

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Ready braid success! Dad starts daughter hair care trend!

A single dad has become an internet sensation - after becoming an expert at braiding his daughter's hair. Philippe Morgese was constantly frustrated with tangles in daughter Emma's hair making their mornings difficult - and with little hair himself, had no idea how to manage his daughter's tresses. So the 34-year-old took to YouTube to teach himself how to tie p... read more>>

Eat Dirt! Gran who eats sand and gravel turns to her walls when feeling peckish!

An elderly woman from Varanasi, India, has eaten SAND for the last six decades and claims the unique diet has been key to her good health. Kusma Vati, 78, is so addicted to eating sand and gravel that she spends hours in search of her staple diet and if she has no luck, she will even nibble on the walls of her own house. Her bizarre taste for stone has stunned... read more>>