Meat the UK’s healthiest centenarian! 100-year-old claims daily mixed grills and red wine are secret to his longevity

By James Somper A centenarian claims eating daily mixed grills and drinking red wine are the secrets behind his remarkable longevity. Arthur Grisbrook, 100, still lives alone, cooks and cleans for himself and even enjoys play... read more>>

Real Stories

Heavenly bodies! Church volunteer accused of dismembering bodies by police – before officers realised they were christmas nativity mannequins 

By Dan Coles A retired church volunteer was left red-faced when police became concerned she was DISMEMBERING BODIES at home – when she was in fact using life-sized mannequins to create a religious nativity display.  Pensioner Maureen Wall, 71, was shocked when she was forced to answer uncomfortable questions from an officer on her doorstep in Bulwell, Notti... read more>>

Special needs children cast in beautiful fantasy scenes incorporating their wires, tubes and life-preserving apparatus as 'accessories'

By Josh Saunders Special needs children have been cast in beautiful fantasy scenes that incorporate their wires, tubes and life-preserving apparatus as ‘accessories.’ Angela Forker, 50, from New Haven, Indiana, USA, started the Precious Baby Project nine-months-ago to celebrate and redefine perceptions of children with differences. The mission is in memor... read more>>