Yours for £350,000! Scottish island is put on the market for £400,000 lower than the average property in inner London

Forget the property boom, this Scottish ISLAND has been put on the market for less than the price of a one-bed London flat.

Scotland Island for Sale

For just £350,000, you can buy this idyllic island, the same price as a London flat

Holm of Huip, situated in the Orkney Islands in northern Scotland, lies just off the coast of Stronsay, a small town directly opposite the 250,000 square metre island.

Private Island for Sale

There’s no need to worry about noisy neighbours as the only other residents on the island are a herd of seals

Spanning across 61,77 acres, the island, which can only be reached by boat or helicopter in good weather conditions, is home only, to a herd of seals.

Scotland Island for Sale

The island known as Holm of Huip, is formed of red sandstone and hasn’t been lived on in over 100 years

The seals and the ruins of a stone house surrounded by a number of idyllic beaches are all that remains on the island, which is formed from old red sandstone.

Scotland Island for Sale

Amazingly, it is believed the island was once occupied by Vikings but now lies vacant

But despite its beauty there is a catch, the desolate island has no electricity, running water or habitable buildings.

If an interested party were to buy the island, it would be lived-on for the first time in more than 100 years, although there are legal barriers restricting anyone from living there permanently with short stays of up to three months in the summer generally permitted.

The island, offered by Vladi Private Islands is currently on sale for an asking price of around £350,000 – more than £400,000 lower than the average property in inner London.

According to the latest Right Move price index, the average price for a property in inner London is £755,655 as of January 2015 – more than two times the asking price of Holm of Huip.

Ex-owner of the island, Pedro Avrez, director of Vladi Private Islands, said: “The area was thought to be occupied by Vikings and is known to have a number of archeologic sites containing artefacts which are centuries old.

“I used to be the owner of the island, but a German family bought the island from me because they were so interested in its rich history.
“The remains of Viking longboats and cairn have been discovered up and down the island, usually by local fishermen.

“The island has been uninhabited for more than 100 years, with the only remaining building the ruins of an old stone house.

“Due to Scottish property laws, permanent living could be problem, but the eventual owner would be free to use the island as a home away from home in the summer.”

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