You don’t want to be what you eat – Museum celebrates the world’s most disgusting foods

When it comes to these delicacies, you perhaps don’t want to be what you eat – as they feature in a museum dedicated to the MOST DISGUSTING FOODS IN THE WORLD.

From bull penis to frog juice, the aptly-named Disgusting Food Museum in Malmo, Sweden, has it all.

Pic from Anja Barte Telin / Caters (Pictured: Spicy rabbit heads)

The site was recently opened and has so far it has featured 82 different food items – many of which are real meals, changed daily.

Other items that are included in the facility are mouse wine, spicy rabbit heads, a jello salad, and fruit bat.

When selecting foods for the museum – which features taste tests – staff decided they had to select foods that were real, considered a delicacy locally and have to be disgusting either when it comes to taste, smell, texture or the way the food is produced.

Pic from Anja Barte Telin / Caters (Pictured: Sheep eyeball juice)

Andreas Ahrens, the museum’s director, said: “My colleague, Samuel West, had the initial idea – he was thinking about what other museum he wanted to visit that still didn’t exist, after he had created the Museum of Failure. 

“That was the Disgusting Food Museum! 

“I joined in April this year and we started working together to bring the museum to fruition. 

Pic from Anja Barte Telin / Caters (Pictured: Mouse wine)

“The response has been awesome. 

“The visitors are so happy and engaged.

“We hope that our visitors will think about the food they eat and especially regarding how sustainable it is. 

“We have to switch to foods that are more sustainable such as insects and lab-grown meat.”