Would you Adam and Eve it? Church hosts drive-thru prayer service for drive-in intervention

A church is offering DRIVE-IN intervention – thanks to a drive-thru prayer service.

Drive thru prayer service

A pastor blesses a child from the seat of a car

Holy Spirit Church in Fremont, California, USA, lets drivers park in the car park before being blessed by its pastor.

Drive thru prayer service

Created by the Holy Spirit Church in Fremont, California, the service was created as a way to keep up with today’s fast paced lifestyle as a way to keep up with our fast paced, lives, the

The first drive-thru service on November 17 proved so popular it will now run every weekday evening between 5pm and 6pm.

Drive thru prayer service

A car pulls up and makes use of the Drive-Thru Prayer service

Pastor of the Holy Spirit, Rev. Matthew Vellankal, came up with idea for the service after hearing about a pastor in Florida running a similar event.

A quote from Pope Francis also inspired him to bring the service to Fremont.

Around 35 motorists arrived during the service’s first hour – with one individual even arriving on bike.

Each attendee spends a few minutes praying with the pastor.

Rev. Vellankal said: “We live in a fast-paced society and if people don’t have an hour to pray, they might have a few minutes.

“So we want to offer a little comfort and solace to people who are extremely busy.”