What Lies Beneath… Terrifying Photo Of Bizarre Looking Fish Lurking Just Beneath The Sand

Can you SEA it? This bizarre-looking fish cuts quite the terrifying sight when it was snapped lurking below the sand on the ocean bed.

At first glance you may just see patterns in the sand but look a little closer and this is actually the mind-boggling image of a practically invisible fish rearing its ugly head.

The camouflaged critter is far from photogenic and looks more like an alien than a real life creature of the deep.


Diver Will Soo caught the creature on camera in the bay of Blairgowrie Pier, Melbourne, Australia.

The 33 year old, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, was diving at night with his partner to catch the nocturnal antics of the Australian sea life who he says become more active when the sun goes down.

Woo said: “It was at the end of our dive and my partner Anika and I were heading back to shore when her fin accidentally silted up a little bit of some sand, enough to reveal what you see in the photo.”


“I was shocked at what I saw, all I could see was two eyes staring up and a slightly open jaw with sharp teeth. When you see a stargazer out of sand it looks completely different from when it’s buried in the sand. It was a very creepy sight at first but at the same time so beautiful in it’s own way. It was the highlight of that night dive. “

“ It’s when you see these amazing creatures that look so out of this world that make diving worth every minute. You never know what you’re going to see and it’s also a pleasant surprise. If there’s a heaven on Earth, I believe it’s underwater.”