What A Marvel-lous Proposal! Avengers Obsessed Fan Creates Mini Movie To Propose To Girlfriend

A diehard Avengers fan donned an Iron Man costume and created his own elaborate fan fiction movie in order to propose to his unsuspecting girlfriend.

Loved up fanboy and electrical engineering student Karim Ferreira Lima, 24, assembled his own super team to help bring his cinematic proposal to girlfriend Ariane Bonatto to life.

Pic by Caters News

With the help of skilled filmmaker Alessandro Alves Kroth, 28, Karim created an elaborate and big-budget proposal in which he flew through the streets of Canoas, Brazil, while wearing an Iron Man helmet.

Once arriving at his local cinema, the brave hero was tasked with defeating his foes in the lobby of the Cinemark do Canoas Shopping centre in an action-packed fight sequence.

All the while confused and unsuspecting girlfriend Ariane, 22, sat in a jam-packed cinema with friends and family watching the events unfold on the big screen.

The climatic final scenes of the short film lead to Karim entering the cinema screen, but with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in his hand instead of the Infinity Gauntlet.

Karim said: “I was nervous and excited when I proposed.

Pic by Caters News

“When Ariane said yes without hesitation, I was relieved and I just wanted to kiss and hug her.

“The Marvel films hav played a huge part in our relationship as Ariane also loves superheroes and the first movie, we saw together was Iron Man 3. 

“Over the years we became much more than fans. We cried and we laughed with the movies.”

The Avengers themed proposal was very important to both Karim and Ariane, with the mega-film franchise playing a big part in their relationship.

Karim said: “Shooting the video took three days, but it took about a month and a half to organise the script, the production and the editing of the video. 

“All the characters involved are friends and relatives. Nick Fury was played by my father.

Pic by Caters News

“There were about 300 people involved in total, so, in the end it cost about 400 dollars.”

But the incredible cost of the amazing proposal was clearly worth it as after romantically declaring Ariane and her love as the most precious of all the Infinity Stones.

With such an elaborate proposal, the question is now, how can the wedding possibly top it?

Karim said: “Well, now we have to raise money to pay for the wedding.

“We’re starting from scratch, but I still have a few surprises up my sleeve.

“I think the world needs more demonstrations of love like this.

“I hope people feel encouraged and don’t feel ashamed to demonstrate their love.”


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