What a lava-ly smile – Photographer spots smiling face in hottest volcanic lava on earth 

PIC BY Christopher Horsley / CATERS NEWS 

A photographer has spotted a smiling face forming within volcanic lava at the hottest place on earth.

Christopher Horsley, 25, was on an expedition to the Danakil Depression in the Afar region on Ethiopia, Africa, when he caught the lava from the volcano forming two eyes and a mouth.

PIC BY Christopher Horsley / CATERS NEWS

The photographer from Ormskirk, Lancashire, was at the hottest place on earth with temperatures soaring as high as 60 degrees.

Christopher said: “This was my first time to this area of Ethiopia and it was full of different images as the lava formed.

“With a life of chasing erupting volcanoes there is always a childlike feeling as I approach a lava lake for the first time, this was no different.

“The lava lake was low but still amazing as I photographed the churning magma beneath.

PIC BY Christopher Horsley / CATERS NEWS

“The heat was searing and I kept on thinking how any person could possible live in this barren landscape.

“Hours of driving led us the most remote and isolated place I have ever been.

“It was an incredible place, which I cannot wait to return too. A future project to fit time-lapse cameras to this volcano will bring us back early next year.”