Weird drinkable bubble might just save the world

Pic by Caters News 

An unusual drinkable bubble has been invented and it might just save the world.

It’s made of a seaweed based skin that’s fully biodegradable and even edible, and because it’s fully biodegradable it could have a massive positive effect on the environment.

Pic by Caters News

Plastic waste is a big issue right now and it’s been building for the past few decades. There’s an entire island of rubbish out in the ocean and one of its main components is plastic.

Skipping Rocks Labs are the creators of these bubbles and while they’re not available yet, they will be soon. You’ll find them at festivals this summer selling the Ooho bubble in many different flavours.

It takes plastic around 450 years to decompose, so the Ooho bubble could be a real game changer as it take only six weeks. A spokesperson for Skipping Rocks Labs said: “Ooho is our unique packaging material that allows us to encapsulate water and juices in flexible, fully biodegradable bite-sized packets.

Pic by Caters News

The idea has been so popular that the company raised £850,000 in just three days. They have around 1,000 investors through the site Crowdcube.

While it seems like an incredible idea you might find the way you drink this bubble a little odd – you have to bite into it and then take a sip.

They bubbles aren’t immediately available but you’ll find them at festivals this summer and hopefully they’ll soon be available as a new type of storage for drinks brands.