Wedding Is Coming: Childhood Sweethearts Reunited After 20 Years Through Love Of Medieval Tie The Knot With Game Of Thrones Nuptials

Childhood sweethearts separated for nearly 20 years after first meeting at a medieval re-enactment have tied the knot with a Game of Thrones-themed ceremony.

Allan and Marie Rosewood from Northwich, Cheshire, met through a medieval re-enactment group when they were just teenagers, but after three years as a couple were forced to part ways when Allan’s job took him away from home.

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Over the years the pair separately developed the same fantasy and medieval-themed hobbies and unwittingly even drank in the same bars, until destiny brought them together again in 2016 when an old friend from the group made contact to get members together for a reunion.

Now loved up once more, the pair are set to spend their ‘happily ever after’ together after celebrating their wedding day in true medieval style, with a theme incorporating Game of Thrones, Lord of The Rings, and Harry Potter, on none other than May 4 – International Star Wars Day.

Marie, 38, said: “We planned to have a medieval wedding but then decided on the theme of ‘sword meets wand’ because we liked the idea of mixing everything that we like.

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“Each table had its own theme, so the head table was obviously Game of Thrones but we also had Lord of The Rings, Robin Hood, Vikings, Harry Potter and King Arthur.

“We had dragon puppeteers and the Knights of Conwy who did a guard of honour with swords over the aisle, and I even knighted Allan with a sword.”

Marie even celebrated her big day in a Game of Thrones style dress which she part-designed and cut her cake with a sword which had been gifted to the couple by her late uncle.

The carer gained her love of all things medieval from her uncle Kevin Hamlett, who first introduced her to now-husband Allan, 42, at the reenactment almost 25 years ago.

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When the couple were reunited, Marie said her uncle was ‘ecstatic’ to learn that they were engaged and presented the pair with the sword.

But the family were dealt a devastating blow when Kevin was diagnosed with cancer in June last year and died only 12 days later at just 56 years old.

This May the family celebrated his life with the ‘dream wedding’ on International Star Wars Day after he initiated the couple’s first date watching Star Wars at the cinema.

Marie said: “I joined the medieval reenactment group because my uncle was already part of it and not long after I joined a new boy started.

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“Uncle Kevin introduced us and said we both liked the same things so we should go to watch the new Star Wars movie together.

“We spent three years as a couple before Allan’s work took him to Burton on Trent.

“There was no social media back then and people rarely had mobile phones so it was hard to stay in touch.

“It was only when an old friend messaged me about getting the group together that we ended up reconnecting and it turned out he had moved back to Cheshire.

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“Funnily enough, the day we said we should meet up some time, we both went out and ended up just bumping into each other.

“If I could have bottled the look on my uncle’s face when I told him we were getting married it would have been amazing.

“He was overjoyed and ecstatic for us. Him and Allan have so much in common and they always got on so well.

“His death has left a massive hole in all of our lives.”

After rediscovering each other, factory worker Allan and Marie realised that their lives had always been inches apart, both taking an interest in the same things and even drinking in some of the same bars.

Pic by Mercury Press

And now happily married, the loved-up pair couldn’t be happier they each found their soulmate once again.

Marie said: “Over the years Allan kept his love for bikes and while I worked as a hairdresser before becoming a carer, I found a love for bikes as well.

“I went to loads of bike shows and rock pubs over the years and although neither of us knew the other was there, Allan and I even ended up unwittingly drinking in some of the same places.

“But we never met again until the time was right.”