Water-powered dragster reaches speeds of more than 160 miles per hour

A wacky inventor has taken bottle rockets to the next level, by propelling his trike-cum-dragster to speeds of more than 160 MILES PER HOUR using water alone.

In his hair-raising video, Francois Gissy reached speeds of 162mph on his homemade water-powered trike – the invention accelerating from zero to 100kph in just 0.55 seconds.

The 35-year-old French daredevil said that he has been planning to launch a large water-propelled rocket since 2009 – and on July 14 of this year, Francois got his chance.

Pic by Francois Gissy / Caters


The stunt was performed at the Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet, France, where Francois said he became the first person in the world to ride a high-performance, cold-water rocket dragster.

In order to ride the invention, the driver had to fill it up 76 times with collected rainwater.

Pic by Francois Gissy / Caters

Francois, the brother of two physics teachers, said: “Water rockets are very easy and popular.

“It is an entertaining means to get the attention of schoolboys and explain to them the basics of rocket propulsion and Newton’s laws.

“In case of the trike, it is water that is contained in a tank, under pressure of compressed air.

“Exactly like the water rockets at school, using soda bottles and compressed air, only much bigger.”

In order to propel Francois’ invention, the water needed to escape through the rocket at a high velocity.

Pic by Francois Gissy / Caters

Because water is dense, a reactive force in a given direction can be interesting, Francois said – shown most clearly through the incredible acceleration the trike had off the line.

In the past, there have been a number of “super-heated” dragsters that have been powered by hot water, Francois said; but these cannot be directly compared to the Frenchman’s invention, which used much colder rainwater.

Moving forward, Francois hopes to continue working on a new invention: A super-heated and very powerful rocket attached to a trike.

In order to make that “monster,” however, the inventor needs to raise additional funds.

Pic by Francois Gissy / Caters

With the same principals and on a bigger scale, Francois feels it would be possible to beat the existing records on a quarter mile, which, he said, was set in 1977, in the desert, by a hydrogen peroxide rocket propelled dragster.

Of his June, 2017, feat, Francois said: “It felt awesome!

“The ass kicking effect on the first meters is pretty cool.”