Water babes: Beautiful women are captured pole dancing underwater

You might need a moment to cool off after seeing these gorgeous pole dancers performing underwater.

Underwater Pole Dancers

One of the dancers elegantly wraps her leg around the pole

Pictured in a variety of suggestive poses, these beautiful babes managed to perform a range of sexy moves whilst being completely submerged.

Underwater Pole Dancers

The impressive images were taken using an erected pole in a swimming pole

Taken in a humble swimming pool in New Zealand, the dancers used a suspended pole to perform their routine and managed to hold their breath long enough for each pose to be photographed.

Underwater Pole Dancers

Photographer, Brett Stanley, used special lighting equipment to give the images an ‘otherwordly’ feel

Captured by underwater specialist, Brett Stanley, 39, the Aussie used carefully placed lighting equipment to create an otherworldly feel to the sultry selection of images.

Underwater Pole Dancers

Incredibly, some of the dancers were unable to swim but still took part in the shoot

Surprisingly, the dancers, which range from professional to amateur, found the positions harder to hold without the use of gravity to help them.

Incredibly, some of the girls who volunteered for the shoot couldn’t even swim but were still able to twist their bodies with the use of the pole.

Brett said: “I have been shooting underwater for 10 years as well as working with various performance artists, I suddenly had the idea mix the two by shooting performances underwater.

“The dancers in the images are from all levels of ability, some are professional dancers and some are very new to the sport.

“Pole dancers rely on gravity to get themselves into a lot of the poses, it holds them on the pole and makes them stretch out.

“Under the water this wasn’t possible as they would float, so we had to rethink the poses in the new environment.

“They managed to perform the shoot by just holding their breath!

“Part of my job is to teach them how to hold it for as long as they can, whilst doing these athletic moves and still look beautiful in the process.

“One of the dancers could hold her breath for so long I had to come up for breath several times to her one.

“There is an ‘otherworldyness’ to being underwater, for me it’s my happy place, the fluidity and sensations down there are dreamlike.

“Some of these dancers couldn’t even swim, but they wanted to do the shoot so badly that they didn’t care, I’m truly in awe of these guys!”