Watch the moment a greyhound appears to be possessed as it sleeps

The pooch, named Jojo, can be seen twitching and strangely moving his jaw as he takes his afternoon nap.

Jojo, who is five years old, was adopted by Paige VanDemark, 26, just over a year ago after a successful career on the race track.

Paige VanDemark / Caters News

And Paige insists that whenever he sleeps, his tongue usually falls out of his mouth, but is sure the absurd movements are not due to a spirit entering his body, but because he is dreaming of chasing rabbits.

Paige said: “No one believes it’s real when they see him sleeping like this at first and many have commented at how scary it is.

“Most people aren’t very familiar with Greyhounds, and are just shocked to see what they think would be such a graceful, elegant dog looking like something out of a horror film.

Paige VanDemark / Caters News

“And really he is just a big, goofy clown, and has so many bizarre, hilarious little habits.

“I got Jojo when my former Greyhound had just been diagnosed with lymphoma, and Jojo kept him happy, distracted, and relaxed until the day he finally passed.

“If there was more awareness of what incredible pets and best friends Greyhounds make, there would so many fewer dogs who would have to meet an unfortunate fate if they aren’t adopted at the end of the racing careers.”