Watch: Heavy Blizzards Result In Literal Snowfall As Unlucky Guy Plummets Through Drift

A secure-looking drift resulted in an embarrassing literal snowfall for one unlucky man.

Aidan Hubbs didn’t expect his night out in his hometown of Maine, US, to end quite as dramatically as it did.

While hanging out with his friends, the young man stepped onto a safe and secure looking bridge of snow.

However, with one step, Aidan completely vanished as he plummeted through the crisp white powder.

Shouts of shock quickly changed to cries of laughter as Aidan’s friends found his cold misfortune hilarious 

Aidan said: “Me and some friends found a piece of snow suspended over open air.

“I tried to walk over it but it couldn’t hold me and I plummeted like ten feet 

“I was fine though, I just landed in more snow.”