Watch: Hairdresser’s epic snowflake stencil hair

This hairdresser uses templates to create creative pixelated haircuts – in the shape of snowflakes.

 Hairdresser, Cristina Vigna, 31, from Italy, said it usually takes her around five hours to complete each look.

She and her husband own a boutique salon in Romagnano Sesia, North Italy where Cristina uses her creative flair to create custom pixelated hair dye decorations.

Cristina said: “This work is called ‘snow flake’.

 “I first study the pattern on graph papers, and then recreate it on the hair by bleaching each section of hair one by one.

 “Finding the pattern of the snow flake wasn’t easy, but I managed to eventually.”

 Cristina does a range of different styles but in keeping with the festive season, has made the snow flake stencil for any budding Christmas fanatics who wish to really push the boat out at their Christmas party this year. 

Cristina said: “This is very long work, but with practice is getting faster.

 “What I like the most about pixel technique, is that I only know if I’ve done it correctly at the end of the job.”