Watch: Dancer Turns Himself Into Wheel For Friend’s Broken Bike

This is the hilarious moment a professional dancer turned himself into a WHEEL for his friend – who acted riding a broken bike.

Solto Esengulov and his dance partner Mohamed Soumah surprised visitors at Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles when the two broke into an impromptu performance.

Pic By Caters News

The youngsters, who perform dance shows and has a following of over 20,000 fans on social media, said they came up with the idea to shock the public.

In the video, filmed late last month, Solto is seen sitting on a broken bicycle as his Mohamed turns into a wheel and gradually starts moving his body.

Pic By Caters News

Solto said: “We are professional dancers and do shows. This is our full time job.

“We both came up with this idea and made this video to see how the people will react.

“Their reactions were crazy.”