Very unhygienic – Customers made to eat and drink out of toilets at Taiwan restaurant

This restaurant doesn’t care if it is panned by the critics – as customers eat and drink out of toilets.

Modern Toilet restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan, serves its food and drink in mini toilets, urinals and bidets.

Caters News

From serving sloppy looking sauces, to poo-shaped chocolate, this restaurant is the definition of grim!

Travellers Elaina Bird and Victoria Mkewan visited the restaurant on their travels across China.

Elaina said: “Modern Toilet was a really unique experience, it was nothing like we’ve ever seen before!

Caters News

“The food was actually pretty good too considering it was served up in a toilet bowl.

“The only bad point was washing our hands in a toilet in the bathroom – that was a pretty grim experience.

“The theme didn’t put us off at all though, it was the reason we went there in the first place.

Caters News

“Someone heard we were going to Taipei and recommended we check it out.”