Urban explorer visits hospital abandoned for six years with functioning power, operating theatre room and more

By Josh Saunders

An urban explorer has visited a hospital abandoned for six years with functioning power, operating theatre and more.

Warren Tepper visited the North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary that since its closure in 2012, remains eerie and in parts so badly affected by mould that all that can be seen is a sea of green.

Travelling through the dark long corridors with just light from the camera, the ‘urbexer’ from Hampshire, admits they even got lost for multiple hours.

The site was the biggest hospital in Staffordshire prior to closing down and now still appears to have running water, powers and more.

Large operating lights in the operating theatres still switch-on but chipping paint struggle from the walls and barely still clings to the ceiling.

A once busy children’s ward decorated in Winnie the Pooh and Bob the Builder characters now lies empty.


Other wards have been damaged by vandals with tissue paper hanging from sections, broken boxes of IV fluid covering the floors and the damaged ceilings battling branches trying to reach in.

In addition to a chapel stacked full of chairs, a 20-piece organ, stained-glass windows, a large crucifix, wall plaques and more.

Warren said: “It was very creepy and eerie walking around the hospital as it was such a big place.

“We visited at night and were not sure if anyone else was inside the hospital, the corridors were very long and pitch black, so we could only see what our lights would let us see.


“The bits that stood out to me most where the operating lights, the X-ray charts that still had power on the chapel with the very cool marble and the stained-glass windows.

“But above it all, what I liked the most was the main entrance and how extravagant it looked.

“It looked like it had been there since the 1920s by the way it was designed.

“I like that the hospital is mostly untouched by the vandals that ruin it for others that like to appreciate the history and the beauty of the buildings we visit.

“It is also the largest hospital that I have visited.


“This place was so big that we ended up getting lost and it took a couple of hours to find where we were and how to get back to the way out.”

For more information, you can follow his YouTube Channel: Warren Urbexing.