Until playtime do us part… – Adorable youngster best friends get ‘married’ to each other 

Pic by Breana Marie Photography / Caters News

A pair of adorable youngster best friends have taken pretend weddings to a whole new level.

Ella Pulizzi, 3, and Sullivan Terry, 5, have been best friends for years and had always loved playing together.

However, their playtime activities got a lot more realistic when their photographer parents, Breana Pulizzi and Bria Terry, stepped in.

After deciding that they wanted to have their children model one of their photoshoots, they started to brainstorm ideas and came up with a playtime wedding.

Then, seven days and $300 later Ella and Sullivan made if ‘official’ in Lake Palestine, Texas – with their parents eagerly snapping away at the side-lines.

Breana, Ella’s mother, said: “They are both cute kids and I don’t doubt that they will be friends for a very long time.

Pic by Breana Marie Photography / Caters News

“I’d love them to have a real wedding one day – you never know what the future holds, and it would make for some great pictures!

“They were so giggly during their play wedding, there were a couple of times that they asked if they could kiss and wouldn’t stop holding hands.

“They have both been talking about how they got married since the day we took the photos.”

Upon deciding that it would be a good idea to use their children as models, Breana and Bria decided to start planning for their perfect shoot.

Pic by Breana Marie Photography / Caters News

Breana added: “Two weeks ago I mentioned we should have them play pretend and get married and it just took off from there.

“I love designing and so does Bria, so we went through some inspiration and pulled it all together.

“I sent the inspiration over to the cake maker and florist and they created pieces that matched perfectly.

“Bria designed the ‘altar’, my husband and I built the table, but a lot of the items were donated or in my house already too.”

Pic by Breana Marie Photography / Caters News

Despite the amount of preparation and planning of intricate details that went into her daughter’s pretend wedding, Breana is not ready for her little girl’s real big day just yet.

Breana said: “I wish they could stay little forever.

“There is so much that comes with growing up, she is so innocent and naïve to this world.

“But at the same time what mum doesn’t love watching their child change into who they are.

Pic by Breana Marie Photography / Caters News

“One day she will get married and I promise I will be there crying my eyes out.”